Oct 3, 2015

DC: Pan & Inktober

he knew he was a lucky lad
as bits of gold 
did sparkle upon his pan 

where his luck came from
a mystery

a golden fairy 
looked out for he

a spirit he could not see

Thank you Stephanie
for being our lovely host!
DC prompt: pan

I am participating in Inktober
one ink drawing a day in October
 a tiny drawing in celebration of Autumn




  1. Anonymous10/03/2015

    Maravilloso Tammie!
    Es un gran trabajo querida amiga.
    Un abrazo!


    Tammie wonderful!
    It's a great job, dear friend.
    A hug!


  2. Love this one Tammie, and your Inktober drawings!x

  3. Love your drawing and the little verse, really beautiful. Hugs, Valerie

  4. Hi Tammie, pan or pot - don´t you worry, I like what came into your beautiful mind, such a nice little story you share here. It´s that thing about a pot (or pan): we can collect something in it.
    Thank you x Stefanie

    1. yes, we can collect things in them, pots and pans. Oh gosh, my mom use to have a cooking column in the paper called "Out of Potts and Pans". Our last name was Potts. I could have done something around that ;-)

  5. A lovely painting with beautiful words, Tammie. I love the idea of having a gold fairy on my own, wouldn't that be lovely? And convenient too...LOL. Can't wait to see more of your ink drawings. Have great weekend! :)

  6. this is dreamy, I think the boy finding his luck as magic, the magic of belief maybe? I like the almost muted of the colors. & sweet little ink drawing.

    hope you have a lovely day.

  7. Sweet painting, love the dreamy, magical feeling of this!

  8. Oh the colours and everything about this are so lovely, a wonderful piece, there is always such magic in your corner Tammie!

  9. So well found, pot or pan:) - eric

  10. Love this magical and sweet story Tammie!
    You are so talented!
    So nice we can see your drawings all october!

  11. the subdued hues honour autumn so, dabbed with a few sprinkles of gold. let's bring it on, i love the fall, my favourite... aj, yes, inktober! have to do yesterday's still... ;))) n♥

  12. I love both pieces. You are such a versatile artist, Tammie. The colours of your painting are beautiful.

  13. Tammie Ha, I believe in fairy tales, which have beautifully drawn and painted !!
    stories are beautiful, and beautiful drawings do the rest, for all ages !!
    Wish you a nice week.
    Greetings Christiene.

    Ha Tammie, ik geloof in sprookjes, dit heb je mooi getekend en geschilderd!!
    verhalen zijn mooi, en de mooie tekeningen doen de rest, voor jong en oud!!
    Wens je een mooie week.
    groetjes Christiene.

  14. Thank you for the thought of the golden fairy.

  15. The paintings look like pages of a storybook.

  16. Love the painting: beautiful colors and composition! Nice story :-)


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