Oct 2, 2015

INKtober #2

her heart
kin of mountains




  1. Wonderful sketch, Tammie. I can see a lot of emotion in her eyes. Hope you have a good day and a lovely weekend.

    1. Fun to hear what you see, thank you Alexandra.

  2. A bold and interesting work. Greetings!

  3. So nice that you're joining Inktober! It's a lovely challenge, wish I could particpate too but time is lacking. I'll try to do some days though.... Is that a real stone or did you shape it that way? It's amazing!

    1. hello Denise,

      Earlier this week, I planted a tree, a Mountain Ash also known as a Rowan tree. My friend dug the first half of the hole and he dug up this heart rock!
      I thought that i would put the rock in the hole as a blessing, but later thought to keep it out, sending the tree love all the same.

      I am glad that you will do some ink drawings. The site does say it could even be one a week.


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