Oct 18, 2015

InkTober and Pink Fungi

decided to paint one of my inkTober sketches
sometimes this is a hard choice
(paint or leave it pen and ink)

such a hopeful little fairy

today's ink sketch:
tree sprites
to love a tree is a worthy thing
with tree sprites
i think the tree and them 
are one in the same

finding this forest mushroom inspired the paint in the top piece

i am thrilled with finding a few mushrooms this season!



  1. Oh I do like that delicate pink. The 3 tree sprites look like they have had a bit of frost, is this the beginning of Winter? Hope not. It has been a good year for mushrooms here as well

  2. hello Evergreen Mo,
    we are still in the thick of autumn and i hope that continues for a while. I do love winter, but let's not cut the seasons short ;-)
    we have had frost many times, already.

    sweet Sunday to you.

  3. Lovely painting! Best wishes & smiles, Saskia :)

  4. colouring the sketch was a good idea, looks really nice :)

    all kinds of little mushrooms around here, maybe from all the rain we have had

  5. The first one is gorgeous! I like it so much.
    And so fun to see the trees and the guys streching out their arms, and I had to smile when I saw the guy cling to the rearmost tree :D
    A beautiful fungi!

  6. Oh, I loved the original drawing, but the colour adds so much to it, I think. Love the blue earth.
    Your spiky haired sprites are so imaginative.

  7. That mushroom! That shot! Throws me into fits of glorious happiness. I smell the forest. Your art inspires dearest. N, x

  8. Excellent, excellent choice to add color to your dear deer. I love the pinks!

  9. I love this delicate pink deer! And the fungi! No wonder you were inspired!


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