Oct 16, 2015

Inktober: Bear Dancer

she danced
bear watched

life in balance

I lost my rhythm for doing an ink drawing a day 
for Inktober

life sometimes has a different plan
nice to be sketching again


  1. Anonymous10/17/2015

    The balance in life ...
    Wonderful metaphor, wonderful drawing.
    A hug, dear Tammie.

  2. Just wonderful, I need some of that balance just now! Hugs, Valerie

  3. I love that! So cute!

  4. I do like the friendly smiling bear and the heart shaped leaves, beautiful delicate art.

  5. nice drawing, very cute :)

    sometime we just need a break from drawing and making any art, and the break can do good thing for our creativity :)

  6. I would been the same, I don't think it's easy to create every single day but missing a day or two is no big deal.

    cute drawing!

    have a lovely day.

  7. I LOVE this drawing VERY MUCH!!!


    Beautiful you make a new ink-drawing after some interruption coming from living life :)

    A question: Do you make these drawings directly - or do you first make them with pencil? I guess you make them directly with ink, but it's nearly impossible to find such balanced lines without making some "mistakes" or black spots...

  8. hello Dori,

    Thank you for your message, visit and question.
    Occasionally I do draw straight with ink.
    But most of these I have been doing with pencil first and there is plenty of erasing ;-)
    Some times i still make lines off the pencil guide that i wish i could change, but i figure that is just life, let it be, share anyway.

    wishing you a lovely night of sleep!

  9. Hello All,

    @ Eider: so glad you enjoyed and thank you for mentioning the metaphor.

    @ Valerie, wishing you balance.

    @Laura and Sheila, thank you.

    @Jennifer Rose, yes, sometimes a break happens and it is fine to go with what is.

    @ Lissa, thank you for the no big deal. I was fine with it, but was energized by manifesting art daily.

  10. A wonderful drawing.
    Your bear is amazing.
    I love the tree too!

  11. Ha Tammie, what nice if your life is in balance !!!
    this beautiful drawing shows this beautiful bear with the girl!
    Nice to bring the subject to life!
    dear greeting Christiene.

    Ha Tammie, wat fijn is als je leven in balans is !!!
    deze mooie tekening toont deze mooie beer met het meisje!
    Leuk om het onderwerp tot leven te brengen!
    lieve groet Christiene.

  12. Wonderful Inktober sketches Tammie - I am busy so not always on -line this month, but I am following them all!x

  13. Lovely, your drawing is filled with warm feelings.
    Wishing you a lovely season! :)

  14. The more I scroll down, the more inspired I get. I love your ink! I especially love the way you add texture to your trees. And this little lady's hair is awesome!


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