Jan 30, 2011

Sunday Sketches

Greetings dear art friends,

this week i cleaned out my ink pen
got the ink flowing
and challenged myself to sketch

 this means
no pencil
no erasing
living with each and every line
living with what is

I enjoyed imagining
each line on the paper
before I ever let the pen begin

Sunday Night begins the 
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  1. Very fun sketches. These sketches are the true meaning of sketches. To me sketches are suppose to be ideas from your mind that are not refined just ideas. You can come up with some amazing work by just grabbing a pen and sketching.

  2. thank you Marlene
    it was fun
    and interesting
    and i liked that I could not erase and change anything!

  3. Tammie,
    Happy Sunday my friend! I will pop over to see your work at the one heart site!
    I love the sketching with pen you shared this week. it's just so liberating to not worry about erasing. Looks like you had fun with it...i love the lines in the first sketch on her face, there! really good! xxoo

  4. You know, I've not ever attempted to sketch with pen and allow what comes....to be. Hmm. Maybe I should challange myself sometime over the next few weeks to try it. If you can do, I CAN! :)

    Happy SS!!

  5. Great sketches! By looking at all of them I bet you had fun! I plan on doing the OHOW too, I;ll have to check out your giveaway.

  6. Oh brave brave you are! These are fun! I have tried this a couple of times and always end up so frustrated that I can't take something I don't like back!:-) I Look forward to sharing many more Sunday's with you my friend. It has been so much fun to watch as our art evolves and especially wonderful at your place is your poetry that goes along with each piece.
    Hugs and wishing you a wonderful Sunday!

  7. What a great variety of sketches!

    With a pen...... yikes! You are brave indeed! Maybe one Sunday we should all try pen only drawing! Hmmm I guess that's what I do with my zen doodling but for a figure?? You did so well!

  8. I love the fear that goes with sketching in pen! it is a soft but exciting fear not a big scary feeling, but a challenge! One line drawings in pen are great too! You are brave!

  9. Isn't it great to just let go and draw - watching figures and scenes unfold before you. Fab stuff!

  10. You are so brave and your sketches turned out beautifully! I should try this sometime too.

  11. Ink drawings are so hard and do take a lot of guts, I like how you experimented a lot with these and they turned out to be beautiful! I will be checking your OWOH :D

  12. I like the idea of sketching and no erasing...scary, though. Good work.

  13. Such great line quality... I think drawing with a pen can be scary, thrilling, liberating all at the same time!


  14. Yay..so beautiful..what a gorgeous enchanting post.,,super lovely art..as always!I love creating with pen too..or pen and ink...it is exciting and courageous!!
    Shine on!

  15. Great sketches - sketching with a pen is so much fun and it's great to see all your lines.

  16. Great sketches... don't know that I could go the distance for ink without pencil first. Most of my lines are left as first made, but...

  17. I love what you've done here.

  18. Sketching and no erasing?! Ohhh, you are so brave. But these are really cool sketches! I should try this sometime. Doubt I could do as well as you, though.

  19. What a novel idea! I love how she turned out--I'm going to give this idea a try, too--what a fun thing to do! lol


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