Jan 15, 2011

She Says

fly to the light
she says

sun light
star light
inner light

let it fill each cell
of your body

bathe in it's glory

then exhale this light
with every breath
into our lovely world

nourish and be nourished
in this intimate exchange
with light

Our days have been gray and rainy
funny thing, no sunlight
so I had to scan this and you can not tell that it is shimmery paint

On Sunday treat yourself and visit Sophia's
where artist share their sketches
or even join us!


  1. no matter how many of these women you allow us to meet, they all seem to have their own personality. I think this one is a bit of a rebel and her headgear is so cool!!

  2. ~good morning my dear friend...you are light that shines so graciously upon us with your art and words...love the colors and her wings..let fly...soar freely...wonderful job!!! thank you for all of your words as of late...i greatly appreciate your friendship and kindness you have always bestowed upon me...i hope all is well with you...much love light and blessings always~

  3. She is adorable with her bandana on and has the look of dare me..LOL

  4. Yay Tammie..she is wonderfully inpsiring and powerful. Gorgeous words..breathwork..light work is so amazing a force isn't it! shine on!

  5. Her eyes are mesmerizing, even in sketch. She is a free spirited soul, ready to fly on her own path into the unknown wilderness. She will survive and thrive.

    Happy Weekend, Tammie!

  6. Loved this full of light poem.. light everywhere despite that sun hiding behind the clouds...

    but it is there i tell you... it's been in this my sky all day long.

    Love love love the picture

  7. ♥♥♥

    both are beautiful the face and the moon.

  8. Anonymous1/15/2011

    Yes, she has a mind of her own. I like the head gear, too.

  9. Hi Tammie,
    Very beautiful ... I see so much light coming from the left side of the piece, which actually drawns my eye to the right side, wonderful!
    very best wishes,

  10. magical powerful words and lovely spiritual painting!

    Love them both!

  11. She's lovely Tammie and your words of light feel so beautifully "en- lightening." I might need to read this every morning!

  12. Beautiful poemage... perfect complement for the sunshine we're enjoying here today. Lovely colors!

  13. Hi Tammi! I just discovered your blog and it's amazing! Do you mind checking my blog out?


  14. Ah the words say it all. I am so enjoying your sketches and I agree with the above comment. Every girl has a mind of her own. We too are having very gray days. I am off to purchase some flowers to brighten the home and my spirits.

  15. Hi Tammie!!! wonderful work this week...I love that you show us the sketch and the coloured piece....I also love the stars!!!!

    Have a wonderful Sunday!!!

  16. beautiful - once again - do your write first and then paint - or do your paintings inspire the writing?
    Thanks for stopping by my blog.
    cheers, dana

  17. Thank you all for your visits and wonderful messages to me. I love your visits. You inspire me.

    Often a poem rises as I create a piece of art, sometimes before and sometimes after. This poem came after wards and in response to a conversation and thoughts on light this week. Thanks for asking.

    Lovely Sunday to one and all.

  18. Poetry and art together are so uplifting. Great job on both.

  19. She looks like an earth angel...lovely poem too.

  20. All you women have a very earthy tone to them. Very good. I love her!

  21. oh just gorgeous words! really, so beautiful....warmth from the sun, we all need to take it in and glow from within and let it out.....The sketch compliments your words so well.... Perfect for a yoga class too! xxoo

  22. Beautiful...the words and the winged girl...very uplifting! Thankyou!x

  23. So freaking beautiful, amazing, intoxicating to the eyes! I love the little nudity you have put in your picture...SOOOOOOOOOOOO AWESOME!

  24. Very cool bird girl!!

    The light really does nourish! Wonderful poem and sketch!

  25. Wonderful....and great to see it before and after it was painted.

  26. Love her nose - always hard for me. Love the pros - my children and I do little meditations in the week - we will use yours this week - it is wonderful!

  27. "let it fill each cell
    of your body" <-- love that line.

    And what a beautiful face/sketch to go with it. :)

  28. I love the poem and the sketch is beautiful.

  29. Wonderful images, both in your art and your words. Thanks for sharing.

  30. Anonymous1/17/2011

    The usually unseen can be seen through the sparkling of your eyes.

    There is more beneath our wings than mere air.

    Your feathers are truly born from the sun its self.

  31. i am w/you
    in bareness
    of wing
    & light
    & breath.

  32. I wish I couls loan some lightness of her..but I'm closed


  33. I love your poetry, you're really talented :]

  34. What an intriguingly lovely work, Tammie! She's so exotic and mysterious. Great work! Theresa

  35. Beautiful! She has gorgeous light eyes and hair. And oooooh, I love those silvery stars. Do you inscribe your beautiful poems into your books too? I hope so.


  36. Hello Bella,

    I have begun to add my poetry into my sketchbook. I found myself telling people who flip through the pages, she has a poem and not having it... so the poems must go in now!
    Thank you for your lovely visit and comment.

    Thank you one and all!


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