Jan 18, 2011



this heartful lady is my first nudie cutie

I finished her before the piece in the last post.....
I look at her and wish I could change her face,
but decided to share her anyway. 
She has a slinky body like the fisher I saw a week ago.
Will any of you be participating in the upcoming 


It starts January 30th 
this will be the 5th and last year. 

It is a wonderful way to meet lots of lovely people
from all over the world!


  1. I like to see how your art is expanding so much... first the faces and now the figure, landscape, animal symbols and surreal qualities. You have such a powerful imagination. Keep it going!

  2. Tammie, wow, you reallly captured her body perfectly here with simple lines. she's just lovely.

    I will have to look at the one world one heart event, not familiar with it! enjoy your day! xxoo

  3. I love this image. :) Funny … I'm creating a tri-heart notebook right now … should have it done in a day or two.

  4. ~the background reminds me a bit of a goddess with her entertwined...could she be the maiden??? a wonderful first little nudie my dear friend...bright full moon blessing and much love and light~

  5. Not to be weird but I like nude women in artwork. I am just drawn to it more I suppose...idk. lol. Your art is so magical!

  6. This piece is lovely. I peeked at some of your other posts and they are inspiring. I love the combination of poetry and art...just beautiful!

  7. Tammie,

    She is just beautiful- love this style from you...I am a big fan of how different women capture the female form in their art - you've done that wonderfully here. I like her face too.


  8. Anonymous1/19/2011

    lovely poetry..

    share one with Jingle Poetry potluck today.

    thanks for visiting my place.

  9. I like how her face came out - she looks serene and comfortable. :) The color palette is very lovely. I will indeed be participating in One World One Heart. I'm very excited (it's my second year) but also sad because it will be the last. I know it will be a wonderful event for all! Theresa

  10. Anonymous1/20/2011

    Her face is fine. Infact, she looks great. I love the way you worked her into the background.

  11. I, too, liked the tenderness in her face; all the gorgeous lines and colors. Was glad to learn about One World One Heart... but my first thought when I saw this picture was ..."just in time for Valentine's Day!"

  12. The study of anatomy is drawing is always admirable. You've done well. I love watching your growth.

  13. What can I say.. words will not be enough from me..


    I just love your drawings and acrylic and water color work AND your lovely words!! :)

    The one with the woman and the wolf is just so fantastic! But so are all of them..! How clever you are!!

  14. Beautiful curves and circles! And I love how you put her across the diagonal! Nice play with the angles and corners of the paper itself. I wouldn't change her face at all! So wonderful.

  15. Hello Lovely Tammie,

    Thank-you so much for visiting Travel Write Draw and leaving a comment. Is all the art on your blog produced by you? If so it's very beautiful and I love the surrealist quality to it. Hope you will visit again soon.

    Meag xx

  16. Tammie, this is absolutely my favourite so far. She is amazingly beautiful!!

  17. Lovely strong lines complemented by such gorgeous soft color -- beautiful! And maybe... just a hint mischievous as well? Seems right for any representation of the heart...

  18. Gorgeous Tammie..very symbolic and feels very energy-balancing..creative energy sparks here!

  19. I think she is fantastic - I really do! You have a great style.


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