Jan 5, 2016

Under the Cloak of the Moon

my blog friend Maureen wondered if the gnome from the last post/painting lowered the mushroom 
cap over himself at night
making him truly invisible

which inspired the above painting

he does! 
look at that, the cap has cloaked all but his boots
under the light of the moon, stars
and gown of the universe of deep blues
this was the first painting: 

with all his heart
he believed:

I am 

he took delight 
in being
 part of the hidden realm

thank you for the inspiration Evergreen Mo
it was fun letting your message inspire the next piece
inspiring me to play with story through images
sweet dreams to you all


  1. The moon is friend for the lonesome to talk to. Carl Sandburg

  2. Beautiful! Love the idea of sheltering under a mushroom! Hugs, Valerie

  3. Such a charming post. Love your sky treatment.

  4. Those booties....

    Love Tammie

  5. ∗♥∗☆❄★❄☆∗♥∗so pretty!1have you ever seen the video i walked unde rthe moon?A beautiful cartoon∗♥∗☆❄★❄☆∗♥∗Wish you happy day!

  6. Really this made me smile. His little boots are so sweet. Like your treatment of the sky and the grass. What will happen next?

  7. Lovely fantasy piece Tammie!

  8. So lovely, I can imagine living in that dear little house.

  9. You have a wonderfully unique style. I love the whimsical feel, just makes me smile. Thanks for visiting my blog.

  10. Love that you painted this from Maureen's comment.
    That's a terrific sky and moon, a magical sky under which a gnome could be invisible (except for his boots).

  11. How sweet this story goes on! So charming! I love this little guy in this universe! What a tale!

  12. I love these paintings and your latest one just makes me chuckle! So cute! :)

  13. More pure magic. Sigh. They send my mind to thoughts of fancy!

  14. Ha Tammie, prachtige kleuren, deze tekeningen nemen mij mee,in een sprookje dat heet Fantasie,prachtig daar ga ik graag in mee!

    lieve groet

    Ha Tammie, gorgeous colors, these drawings carry me into a fairy tale that is Fantasy beautifully as I like to go in it!
    with kind regards

  15. Oh, this is fun! Looks like a little fairytale :-)

  16. Awww, how sweet is that? Love the sky. IS that salts you used, Tammie? :)

  17. I like the day and night, like a before and after, it's always so nice to chased the inspiration and complete it.

    have a lovely day.


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