Jun 19, 2015

Summer Solstice!

Summer for me 
is a season to wander mountain roads

to do things that i begin to long for in the snowy months
deep seasons are like that
they each hold their unique activities

i still find it strange
that with the beginning of summer
the days begin to get shorter 
nights longer


Sweet and blessed Solstice to You all!
(whether is is Summer or Winter in  your land)


  1. We love the solstice! We usually make strawberry solstice jam but the season started late this year. What with it being the longest day of the year and getting shorter from here on in I feel like I should ask the universe to give us a week of summer solstice. That would be fair. I just love this painting and how you have taken the photograph as inspiration for your own piece again. All those wildflowers!!

  2. A wonderful painting Tammie, and so pretty with those colorful stones along the path. It must be lovely to walk in the mountains there. Such a huge and rich forest on your photo!
    Sweet and blessed solstice to you too! :)

  3. What a lovely painting. I love the pretty flowers and stones along the way.
    Happy Solstice to you too. x

  4. Winter Solstice (ie, this week) is a very special time of year for me personally. I don't know how I'd cope living where you live - such extraordinary beauty - my heart would be a-wing every single moment, and my mind singing with joy.

  5. I'd love to walk along that path. Your mountainside is gorgeous. And I love all the little flowers to smell along the way!

  6. So it is, but here I live is it still cold and summer is taking time for arrivel. Love your painting! Thank you so much for your kind comment in my paint blog.

  7. Love the painting!!! I always have mixed emotions on Summer Solstice.... celebrating the official start of summer but realizing that it will be over all too soon. It's WET WET WET here so it's feeling like hibernation has been happening again .

  8. Such a magical place to walk around in ... the painted one as well as the "real" one...

  9. OH this white summerlight on the way through the wood! I was dreaming waiting for your solstice-drawing and I'm happy and flying to see this special mystic watercolor. Thank you, Tammie from the land flowing in the sunlight.

  10. A stunning photo, Tammie, and a stunning painting. They both look so peaceful. J

  11. Tammie, beautifully painted !! the trails that bring you
    where you will be
    and beautiful things you can do, what is in the winter was not possible
    also the picture, a beautiful area, enjoy the summer.
    Greetings Christiene.

    Tammie,prachtig geschilderd!! de wandelwegen,die jou brengen
    waar je zijn wil
    en mooie dingen kunt doen,wat er in de winter niet mogelijk was
    ook de foto,een prachtig gebied,geniet van de zomer.
    Groetjes Christiene.

  12. Oh, I'll join you on your trip to the mountains. Love to be there. Wonderful painting.
    Happy summer

  13. The way you take a photograph as a start to your painting is so clever with such lovely results. I like the coloured painted stones and the uphill road that leads to somewhere magical, I'm sure.

  14. What a delightful painting Tammie, I would like to wander along that road and see the wonders around the bend.


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