Jun 26, 2015

DC: Plate

how to tease a mouse


the longer they kept her
on the plate
under the bell jar
the more she began to vanish

please set her free

thank you Joke
with the theme:



  1. Yes please, set her free! Such a cute
    thing unter a bell jar...
    Love the cheese :)

    Have a beautiful weekend!
    Tinna ✐

  2. Oh the cheese is lovely drawn! I such a smart idea to draw the fairy girl with butterfly wings sitting on a lovely fungi inside the box, and I can see she starts to vanish.. hope she comes out of the box, maybe a prince comes to open it.. :)
    Lovely weekend to you to! :)

  3. So lovely. Infact I think the top drawing is my favourite of all yours lately - its so delicate and sweet and really beautifully done.

  4. I love your cheese plate fairy!
    Just watched finding Neverland again with my daughter last night all so very magical...

  5. Ha,ha I imagine the mouse, the smell under the bell jar, and how frustrated she, of course it's a she, must be. Great paintings Tammie and a surprising way to look at a plate.

  6. Ha, the smart mouse will find a way to upset that cover! :D The fairy might be a little different. Hopefully she will be freed before she disappears. Lovely drawings once again. I always love checking in with you and seeing your beautiful art.

  7. Mice are fairly clever when it comes to getting into the chow! I must comment on your tree lined road in 2 posts beneath, it is really something to see such towering giants. It puts me in mind of visiting Yellowstone when I was just a kid, everything seemed so majestic. Oh, I see your little cabin here on the sidebar, sweet! I answered your question about growing lavender beneath your comment.

  8. the bell jar!
    sylvia plath!

    tiny piece of cheese, yumm!! n♥

  9. ..... LOVE that first one
    and the second one too
    set her free.... your words and images
    soft and sweet
    make my day


  10. Congratulations Tammie!!! this is very poetic!!!!!!!!!!!

  11. Oh nooooooo, please do set her free! You know, come to think of it, the same thing happens to my chocolate chip cookies when I put them under the bell jar. Hmmm....


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