Jun 13, 2015

DC: Ocean

Veronica hosted Drawing Challenge this weekend
her theme: Ocean
well our ocean here in Montana is our lakes
and we have so many!

two friends went to Two Medicine last week
one took a photo of the other
and i asked if i could use it for inspiration:

I also just got back from camping there
it was so beautiful!

my ocean is a lake

my painting is of lovely Brooke doing yoga at it's shore



  1. Your work is beautiful, what a lovely place to be. It's good to be by water, My ocean here is the river and some small lakes! Valerie

  2. Beautiful inspiration,in a great nature! Bacio

  3. Great drawing indeed!

  4. Another beautiful piece of art, Tammie Lee.. Love the photo for your inspiration..

  5. A beautiful image for inspiration ....
    Tammie your drawing is beautiful, beautiful colors !!
    looks like dream vacation
    Greetings Christiene.

    Een mooi beeld voor inspiratie ....
    Tammie uw tekening is mooi, mooie kleuren !!
    ziet eruit als droomvakantie
    Groeten Christiene.

  6. Beautiful drawing! What an amazing place to do yoga! Beats my living room by a long shot...HA!

  7. This is so wonderful, Tammie! I love how you added the reflection of the view onto the yoga mat. Very nice touch.

  8. Thank you, dear Tammie, for your little ocean. It is huge! Practicing yoga at the water is great, surely (I did Qi Gong in the woods... heaven!) Sweet painting, water coulor, right? and these yoga mat! Beautiful mirror of the surrounding.

    Ariane of Rose

  9. What a great view of the mountain's in Brooke's photo! And your rendition of her photo is lovely, capturing every detail. :)

  10. very atmospheric painting. So calming. Gentle colours

  11. What an inspiring place in which to do yoga. You've really captured the essence (and details) of Brook's photograph. Lovely...

  12. Well done Tammie, I love the painting, and what a lovely way to do yoga! I remember visiting Montana and I remember the beautiful lakes. I'm sure I've already told you, but I have a deep love affair with Montana, ever since I was a child and did an exchange with another child in the US and I got a child in Montana. She sent me info about Montana and I sent her info from BC, and that was it, I was hooked...lol
    PS: That's girl's hair is beautiful.

  13. HI Tammie! Gorgeous art..magical...soft colors..gentle essence..so uplifting! and fantastic photo..so very beautiful , special...and peaceful! Shine on!
    Wishing you a beautiful week

  14. Looks like an incredible place to stay! Your watercolor painting evokes the feelings of peace and harmony that I feel when I'm out in nature.

  15. I'd tried to put my hands the same way Brooke did, well that didn't work pfff. Looking at this beautiful landscape it's almost a dream. The colours, very blue sky, and Brooke sitting in the middle of this all. Love your painting and the way the mountains come back in your towel (including the sun).

  16. Love how you got inspired by the picture. The blue colors are just so calming!

  17. How good to see the photograph and your painting together. It's just magical how you have stayed true to the photo but at the same time have made something completely different, artistically-wise. I hope you understand what I mean.

  18. That is incredibly lovely. So serene and soul-healing. I'd love to be able to spend an afternoon on that shore. And the photo is gorgeous. Just look at those peaks against that sky! Wowwwww

  19. hooray for your inspiring ocean lakes! and the pink and orange in your most recent blogpost do attract me, as well... oh, fawn, fawn!! n♥


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