May 5, 2015

More Stars and Goslings

she came to our realm 
to shower us with lively energy
offer us stars


last week
i had visitors at my ponds!
 6 goslings, so very cute!



  1. I like her colors of greens and yellows and blues - so very spring. & nice captures of the goose family. the little ones are so very cute.

    hope you have a lovely day.

  2. there's nothing cuter than baby animals. the goose parents look very proud :-)

  3. Wonderful, I love the idea of being showered with energy and stars. Nature can give us so much when we connect. The goslings are soooooooooooooo sweet! Hugs, Valerie

  4. I hope your lady has plenty stars, what a lovely idea. She looks beautifully balanced.
    I wonder what you like to call your ladies - elves, fairies, ..... - lady doesn't sound quite right.
    Imagine seeing the goslings, how really wonderful and the adults look beautiful too.

  5. A beautiful watercolor, a shower of stars.
    What wonderfully in your pond ....... young luck
    This is enjoyment, beautiful Tammie!
    Good to see you with nature !!
    lieve groet Christiene

    Een mooie aquarel,een regen van sterren.
    Wat wonderschoon in jou vijver....... jong geluk
    Dit is genieten, mooi Tammie!
    Fijn om met je te kijken in de natuur!!
    lieve groet Christiene

  6. She is beautifully drawn and painted! With colors of spring.
    so cute - the goslings ot the Canada geese.
    Oh, I think they came to you as they know you are kind and friendly :)

  7. She is so beautiful and thank you for sharing that nice photo! Lovely!

  8. Beautiful art Tammie, I love the stars. What sweet visitors to your pond! We have been having lots of visitors to our new garden, so exciting especially Mr red squirrel who we have named Tod! x

  9. Enchanting! I love the colorful stars are balanced on either side of her.

  10. Grandioso star-bringer! This is YOU (too)!!

    Congratulations for your most beautiful family-visit in your pond. Good luck for them and for you! They also are star-bringers....

  11. tammie, i must return your stirring message of this week. i never thought about it this way how longing can be the starting point for change, but of course it is, it ain't just 'bad' or intrusive, it is also a soft urge onwards to change. thank you for your thoughts, they are good mates on my way. yes, it is rather scary, like making life shaking decisions, but it is also very, very exciting and i do want that latter ride so. choices however do are important because of the years behind us, the experience and therefore the jump forward when we do decide into a certain direction. almost more comfortable, decisions. clearer too. thank you so much for your attention on this subject. i will keep everyone posted, and i plan to report back on that open house of mine, it'll be all the help i'll need too, to keep myself on that road : connection. n♥
    goslings, eh. i saw an image somewhere of goslings on a highway, where traffic'd stopped to let cross the goslings & mama. out of this world! x

  12. A wonderful picture - the shading on the skirt is fabulous.
    What a beautiful family of geese - those goslings are so cute.

  13. Yes, please, and thank you. It's always wonderful to receive stars, and I can sure use the energy. I am marveling at her incredibly talented toes! Have a beautiful weekend, Tammie. Happy Mother's Day to you and your wonderful mother goose!


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