May 29, 2015

DC: Youth, Fairy Land


youthful eyes
 open to life
magic abounds

eyes who spy fairies
underneath the fairy slippers

(calypso orchids are also called fairy slippers)

fairy slippers grow in the forest
a tiny orchid
with a lovely scent
but one must not step too close to them
or they might not grow back next year

 drawing challenge theme for this weekend
is: youth
chosen and hosted by Ariane of Rose
stop by her blog to find other artful sharing for youth
thank you Ariane


  1. You have such a lightness of touch with which you create your fantasy paintings.
    Your two fairies are so happy and good.
    This is a wonderfully calming piece.

  2. Lovely soft colours, so much like summer.

  3. these are lovely. once again, I learned something new, fairy slippers is just such a perfect name for the orchids.

    hope you have a lovely day.

  4. This is a wonderful fairytale-couple, peaceful, softly caught in light colours, sensitive, seldom and happy in the same moment.

  5. the orchids are kissing!
    eyes and youth... I like that!
    x Stefanie

  6. Younger eyes see more I think, are more open for everything. Lovely flower that orchid, beautiful colour.

  7. What gorgeous blooms ~ and precious art to honor them. I love it!

    I wandered some woodland yesterday and spotted two wild orchids ~ the elusive Lady Slippers. We had a nice chat and shared blessings. :)

  8. waw. what can i say? waw. such vibrant, youthful splendour!
    your colour picking being spot on, as usual.

  9. Youthful eyes see fairies in the woods but I think you see them even with your eyes closed! Your fairies are magical.
    xo Carole

  10. Beautiful painting, Tammie Lee!

  11. Look at those beauties! (And the orchids are lovely too. :D) I have some growing at the cabin. Always a nice surprise to come there and see them blooming. Love it to the max. I'll have to take care where I step now. :D Big hugs.

  12. My grandmother used to tell us stories of faeries and pixies as we walked in the woods as children.
    Your beautiful, tender post just brought all that streaming back.
    Thank you!

  13. Such beautiful, soothing and charming pages, and I love how you have drawn those beautiful orchids. Fabulous! Jx

  14. Beautiful youthful drawing. And I guess fairies always stay young:)

    1. i think you are right
      fairies always stay young
      at least to our perception ;-)

  15. Ha Tammie, beautiful watercolors, beautiful soft colors!
    the colors of a real fairy !!
    The fairy slippers are so beautiful, and your picture is beautiful
    pure nature !!
    dear greetings Christiene.

    Ha Tammie,prachtige aquarellen,mooie zachte kleuren!
    de kleuren van een echte fee!!
    De fee slippers zijn zo prachtig, en je foto is prachtig
    puur de natuur!!
    lieve groetjes Christiene.

  16. So beautiful and full of youth
    ❤️ Katrin

  17. Have just looked in on this blog to find you do lovely drawings as well as your superb photographs. The colours on your spread are just right for fairies and the orchid.

  18. What a lovely, lovely post, dear Tammie.
    I can feel the innocence of youth.
    Pretty aqua of fairies and - of course of that little orchids - they really have personality, for ever young :-)

    Thank you for playing with us.
    Ariane of Rose

  19. beautiful
    the orchids
    the fairies
    what a lovely post!

    thank you

  20. Such a sweet, magical fairy world!

  21. Having just seen these fairy slippers on your blog I realised they had reappeared here in your fairy scene! :)
    A lovely post, Tammie. x

  22. Ooooh! These are gorgeous! I love all those colors. The fairies look like they are having such a grand time sharing stories under the shade of flowers! And not just any flowers. Orchids! How lucky you are to have wild orchids around. Beautiful.


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