May 1, 2015

DC: Stars

his desire guided him
to became a star
for his rosy planet


and on our planet
many of our flowers hold the shape of stars
(above: cosmo
below: thimble berry)

and even mimic
 shooting stars

starry centers (forget me nots):

lovely and healing arnica
has a center made of stars:

a friend this week sent me a poem, what perfect timing:

the unseen dark plays on the flute
and the rhythms of light
flow into stars and suns
into thoughts and dreams

R. Tagore

dear Veronica, once again hosts DC for Us
thank so much Veronica!

lovely Beltane to one and all
amazing to consider that we are half way between 
Spring and Summer!


  1. Wonderful post, love your star figure, and the photos. Your painting reminds me of 'The Little Prince'. Hugs, Valerie

  2. Such a joyful and delightful painting, and your photos are so beautiful.

  3. adorable and joyful painting. Love it! :)

  4. Great painting and photos!

  5. Love the sentiment of your painting, and those flowers are just beautiful ....

  6. he looks very joyful! this is a fun piece.

    I have never seen a thimble berry and now I have, thanks! hope you have a lovely day.

  7. The details in your work makes me slow down so as not to miss anything. Thanks for the reminder to look at the flower stars too.
    Have a great week, Tammie. xo

  8. Hi Tammie! Your photos are gorgeous. Enjoying your blog very much - thank you for stopping by mine :)

  9. So lets jump into the stars!

    Lovely, peaceful, joyful, content soul and being able to be astonished. Somehow in his face I see, that he knows a lot after many years, though at the first view he looks like a child. He has found back his childhood, but clearer, riper, with wise joy.

  10. Oh Tammie, I love that happy, jumping elf. He's singing that swing on a star song by Bing Crosby. You know the one? Also love the peek into the star flower centres. Happy, happy in between time to you too. Summer, here we come. :D

  11. Another fairy drawing! Love it as well as your photos.

  12. As in a fairy tale Tammie, in this drawing them all he wants to capture the beautiful star ... ...............
    even the flowers as shooting stars could not be more beautiful.
    thimble berry) I've never seen.
    Kind regards Christiene.

    Als in een sprookje Tammie, in deze tekening hij wil ze allemaal vangen de sterren...prachtig...............
    ook de bloemen als vallende sterren mooier kan niet.
    vingerhoed berry) heb ik nooit gezien.
    Lieve groetjes Christiene.

  13. Tammi, I love that you've blended Mother Nature's artwork with your own. Equally beautiful in their own right, these stars in your constellation.

  14. Beautiful, with the star-elf, and the wonderful rosy planet.
    That's a marvellous photograph of the forget-me-nots, I'm going out now to examine ours more closely.

  15. beautiful flowers, the more i look at hem the more amazed i am.
    the joy of your little man is catching,i like how you often write an additional phrase to your painting, lifting a tip of the veil to your world, xx

  16. Your little character looks very serene and happy! What beautiful flowers too, nature is so clever!

  17. "...a star for his rosy planet..." << LoVe this!
    And your world, blossoming around you, is precious. Truly precious.

  18. Wonderful painting, I love, love, love the blue hair! Gorgeous photos too!

  19. Very lovely, I like the movement of the picture. All the flowers are so wonderful, what an imaginative Creator.

  20. Wonderful Shootingstars around here. Thank you. Lucia

  21. I really like your flower shootingstars to very well done and the idea behind is as awesome as your drawing!
    barbara bee

  22. Such playful and lovely drawing, and your photos are smiling to me, soooo beautiful!
    Yes, flowers and stars, so alike. and some say we are star dust.. exciting..
    Have a lovely week Tammie! :)

  23. Beautiful flowers and painting. It looks like watercolour - how in the world did you get it to splatter so lovely?! :) Have a great week!

  24. Hi Tammie .. You did an investigation, (a search of stars) Wonderful stars / flowers! Beautiful artwork and beautiful poem. Congratulations!

  25. Oh my stars, he's adorable! Hehehe, I love his hat. And he looks so happy! Wowwwww, those are gorgeous photos of blooms.


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