Feb 23, 2015

#23 of 29 Faces

she rose from the Sleeping Beauty mountains
mountains where veins of turquoise thrive
no longer asleep
with a crystal at her third eye

the splash to the far left
is a drop of red wine
so i splashed some more
such a pretty color!

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  1. Really? Red wine? How fun! You should paint with wine more often. She's beautiful! And whoa, you caterpillar girl is awesome and so cool!

  2. What a lovely idea Tammmie, and so many different faces, I have painted with tea but not wine, love the colour!

  3. Es una princesa, la princesa de la madre tierra.
    Un beso querida amiga.

  4. Oh, such a sweet color! Red wine turns into dusty rose, just perfect to this painting.


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