Feb 28, 2015

DC: Birthday Cake

she made a magical cake hoping to inspire the company of
the birthday fairy

had heard the breeze tell the trees
of a fairy that dances for cake

she believed with all her heart
like a wish
from end to start

upon opening her sweet eyes
a fairy landed upon her hand
and danced and danced
a spell of charm

i wish i had photos
of the beautiful cakes my mother use to make
they were a thing of whimsy and celebration
they inspired awe and amazement

Dear Katrin of Fische Frauen
chose our Drawing Challenge:

these are my last two faces for February's 

thank you Fische and Ayala art for hosting these wonderful events!
not sure why blogger is making this image antique and dark
this is on white paper and bright


  1. Thank you for injecting real magick into my life

    ALOHA from Honolulu

  2. such a lovely thing to say, thank you Cloudia!

  3. This is such a lovely post Tammie. I adore your painting and poem. The birthday cake is a wonderous sight! :)

  4. wouldn't it be amazing to remake those mama cakes... can you draw them from memory?
    or maybe you already did with these birthday cake{s} from the woods, mushrooms included...
    you made it with the girls though!!!!
    february has never been so multifaceted.

  5. Hey, you did it! Congratulations, a whole month of beautiful faces. You must be feeling so proud. I've enjoyed your month to the max. Love the three cakes. That so reminds me of my three and their favourites. Also, I quite like the antique paper look. It somehow feels like it belongs. :D Big hugs for a sweet weekend.

  6. She looks so delicious!!

    Thank you, Tammie, for February and all the kind comments you've been writing to me. Have a sunny spring!

  7. you just remembered me of a photo i have somewhere, photo with birthday cake my mother used to make, always yummie and lovely and with those small spiral candles, now i have to find it!!
    your cake is a magical one, i love the decorations!

    you did it Tammie, your beautiful eyed girls are a joy to look at. x

  8. I am in love with this cake. All the seasons in it. Thank you.

  9. Now we can eat the cake, when we got the challenge to complete.
    Congratulations to you, too. Thank you for your visits and your comments on my blog.

  10. Your last two faces are so lovely! I really enjoyed visiting here. Congrats on finishing the challenge!

  11. So wonderful picture! Love your fantastic cake and the two beautiful faces!
    Thank you for visiting my blog.
    Hugs, Annette

  12. Thank you for this amazing birthday cake! It's magic!

  13. Oh my gosh ~ I just LoVe this!
    All of it. I swear, I can feel the spirit of your mother through this image, through the birthday fairy you invoked ... and the fabulous cake chapeau!

  14. What a great cake...thinking about what it is filled with. And the dncing fairy...must be a wonderful birthday

  15. Tammie, fun look at the 29 faces.
    but this sweet beautiful fairy a cake like a crown
    her hoofd.Deze fee is welcome to me on my birthday.
    dear greetings Christiene.

    Tammie, met plezier gekeken naar de 29 gezichten.
    maar deze lieve mooi fee een taart als een kroon
    op haar hoofd.Deze fee is bij mij welkom op mijn verjaardag.
    lieve groetjes Christiene.

  16. Your cake is so wonderful! I would feel terrible to eat it, something so lovely as that! :) Your story is so sweet and the image illustrates it so well. Congratulations on finishing 29 faces! I have enjoyed seeing your creations and will continue to follow along.

  17. lovely faces, and so many of them tell a story. I also love your photographs (especially those leaves!! omg...gorgeous!) i love your cake girl. ;-) xx

  18. A great way to finish. I have so enjoyed seeing your 29 faces. Jx

  19. Can't believe how far behind I am at looking at your wonderful art! Congratulations on finishing the challenge! I love the layers of cake and the delicate (and flexible!) Birthday Fairy! Your art is amazing!
    Have a wonderful day!

  20. Ao passar pela net encontrei seu blog, demorei algum tempo a ver o conteúdo, gostei e é um daqueles
    blogs que gostamos de visitar.
    Eu ficaria alegre se me desse a honra da sua visita e se poder ler um pouco do que escrevi.
    Tenha muita paz e saúde.
    Sou António Batalha.

  21. The story and painting make me so happy to read and admire.

    Your success in completing the 29 faces challenge is inspiring!

  22. What a celebration at the 29 Faces challenge finish.
    I'm bowled over by the Three Cakes hat, what an ingenious idea, with mushrooms and hearts.
    And then as a final flourish there is the dancing fairy, magical within her pink crystal.
    Beautiful and thoughtful.

  23. Cake! I love cake! Someone asked me once what my favorite food was, and I answered, "Cake!" I am awed and absolutely delighted by her birthday cake. I'd dance for that, too! Though my leg won't lift half as high. Your mom's cakes sound amazing!

  24. thank you all for your lovely visits and wonderful messages! your visits and you mean the world to me!


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