Aug 12, 2014

Breathing with Summer

though i would love to share poetic words
with this piece


may it inspire each of you uniquely

inspired by summer grasses

sharing with Rose's:


  1. I like that he's partially a bug(?) with his wings tucked like that.

    hope you have a great day.

  2. Ha Tammie, gorgeous summery colors, so sweet the elf
    and the grass I keep looking after ... a touch of nature
    it is so beautiful what makes you beautiful ...... I like this.
    greetings Christiene.

    Ha Tammie,prachtige zomerse kleuren, zo lief het elfje
    en het gras ik blijf er na kijken...een vleugje natuur
    het is zo mooi wat je maakt......prachtig ik hou hier van.
    groetjes Christiene.

  3. Hola Tammie: te escribo desde España, me encantan tus dibujos. Yo estoy practicando técnicas mixtas, mi esposo dice que soy una artista naiff, pues soy muy infantil, pero viendo tus duendes y flores y todas las cosas lindas que pintas, me parece como pintados por un hada de las flores niña...jajaja.
    Me han gustado muchísimo las fotos de Montana: es una naturaleza salvaje, rica y llena de vida. Me encantaría vivir así (sólo que cuando vi las fotos de la nieve me entró frío intenso!!!).
    Ahora te sigo y aprenderé de tus acuarelas, gracias por compartir.

  4. Oh, Tammie--SO lovely--there's a feeling of fall, of springing, of movement and story here--so beautiful.

  5. A very valuble Tammie-drawing, ORIGINAL TAMMIE-STYLE! Your stile is Tammie-style!

  6. It really does say summer and in such a delightful way ♥

  7. I love you, dear girl. You are amazing. What great joy our Creator must take your beautiful artwork. ((hugs))

  8. The color aqua in this piece says so much to me....Tammie Lee, this is sensational! The colors do remind me of the cooler weather we are feeling at night, and soon for some gardeners, they will be tucking in bulbs for the long wait until they pop their colorful heads out once again to enchant us.

    Thank you so much for coming by to visit! DANCE ON!

  9. Oh, Tammie, I do love the Nature-focus of your work, but also the mystical verve that seems consistently expressed. And this piece expresses that so wonderfully!

    And thanks, too, for sharing with our August heART. ♡

  10. Love those warm colours, it gives a feeling of summer and warmth and tranquility....

  11. Nice. I like the little elf painting. He is so cute.

  12. A lovely painting Tammie! Thanks for stopping by my blog today, I feel so out of touch with blogging, it's been so long! :)
    Jess xx

  13. I love your gentle fantastical drawings and paintings, they have so much of nature and the spirit.
    That's such a lovely photograph of the grasses too.

  14. What a sweet piece, I love how caring he looks and the mushrooms are so cute! Beautiful photo too.

  15. Ah this is beautiful :-)

  16. I am imagining that you now have a whole room in your home set aside for all the wonderful art pieces you are creating. You must have hundreds!!

  17. Your inspirational picture set fire on my imagination and made me want to jump like a grasshopper in the thick grass.


  18. This is beautiful, full of Summer's energy, a special piece!


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