Aug 17, 2014

Happy Birthday Wyndi!

My beautiful sister Wyndi asked me to paint a family portrait 
for her birthday, she envisioned this scene. 

Happy Birthday Wyndi!

wishing you a new year full of days and nights that feel wonderful to you!


have you noticed the wee cabin photo on my sidebar?
that is home sweet home

it is time to change the window trim color

if you notice on the porch the old trim
brown and blue
i painted one window with merlot and mauving up
what do you think?

I think i will live with it for a while and see if it makes me smile
or shake my head

sharing with Rose's 
August heART


  1. What a darling picture, I love the way the moon is peeking over the mountains.

    Your home is entrancing - you live in such an amazingly beautiful place.

  2. I love the family portrait you painted for your sister.. I am sure she will treasure it forever.

    Your cabin in the woods is simply breathtaking! Love the trim.

  3. It looks like such a peaceful scene .... Love that cute little figure in the tree, and the colourful path they're walking on. Your sister will treasure it.... It looks like a beautiful place where you live. I love wooden houses. I love the blue windows, but I can imagine you want a change after a while. The new one looks great as well.

  4. Oh I love where you live Tammie, it's awesome. You are very lucky. I could go for a cabin like that. Love the painting you did for your sister. Very nice. Have a great week. Oh yes, the color looks great on the window sill. I envision the cabin bright yellow. I don't know why, but I do. tee hee.

  5. What a beautiful home... just like your
    Love the colours on the window sills!

  6. What a wonderful painting *and* precious birthday gift ~ a treasure, to be sure!

    And I'm liking the mauving up!

    Thanks too for sharing with August heART!

  7. Hi Sarah,
    'entrancing' is a perfect word for this wee cabin. I also find this area to be beautiful and a delight.

    Dori ;-)

    Thank you for your lovely message.

    Yes blue is a wonderful color, but it is time....

    you have a fun sense of color. I won't be painting the logs... I love living here.


    So lovely to have you stop by. fun that you love the colors...

    My sister is happy with the painting, so that is fun! Fun that you like the mauving up ;-)

  8. This is a magical painting, so many details to look at and admire. I love the colourful horse drinking from the lake, the girl in the purple dress, the moon (or the sun) hiding a little, the patterned path, the many flowers and so much more.

  9. you moved into this cabin? for real? for ever? W O W !
    if you like.... the DC {drawing challenges} is back. come and check out our new theme. you are very welcome. n♥

  10. Ha Tammie congratulations on the anniversary of your sister
    nice a person kijke card for her made
    beautiful !!
    And your house so beautiful
    dear greetings Christiene.

  11. What a lovely present to your loved sister. I like the girl cherishing the horse while lying on its back. Your log cabin is perfectly lovely in such a nice surroundings. No wonder your artistic sense is honed nicely tuned with nature.


  12. the lovely portrait you created is so charming, and WOW !! your home is a dream of mine. We don't really have such homes in the UK, i could see this cabin up in the highlands of Scotland. It looks enchanting


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