Jun 6, 2014

DC: Upside Down

such a fun and unique challenge

loving yoga
even though after years i am still a beginner
upside down reminded me of a dozen poses

long ago
a friends son
would put himself upside down every chance he got
i thought that was so Coooool!

note the large rock this is photographed on 
is indeed purple
Montana rocks are awesome!

I found my first fawn of the season,

the tiniest fawn I have ever seen!

Tuesday we had a big storm
thunder for hours, then lightning, hail and rain
lightning hit a tree 40 feet from my cabin
wahoo, LOUD!
Poor tree!
bark and wood all over my yard and forest
it turned my modem 'upside down'
or rather off for two days, till a new one arrived

this is how it looked as the storm moved on:

with your thought provoking them:



  1. Love the yoga drawing a lot. And the pictures you made are so nice. I am in love with bambi.
    Hope you have a nice weekend.
    Liefs, Melanie

  2. The Yoga drawing is wonderful!! What a sweet bambi. I have done Taichi for a long time. Yoga looks much more difficult than Taichi!!!
    Have a good weekend...with smile.

  3. Your yoga piece is great, I love the colours you use and that stormy dark sky against the vibrant lush green is so beautiful, full of nature's energy, magical!

  4. Love that drawing Tammie and love yoga, and, also love that you live in Montana! I've been in love with Montana since elementary school, where we Canadian children were given American states and asked to write a letter to the tourist board of that state and, later, write a report. You guessed it, I got Montana. But you see, true love last forever. :)

  5. what a cute drawing, I really like bird on her foot. when you look at this with the paper turn, it's like she is holding up rocks and flying - definitely should show this the other way.

    hope you're having a wonderful day.

  6. Gorgeous yoga art..so magical and spirited...I am a yoga-kindred..it is a wonderful way of life!
    oh my goodness..what a most divine creature-being..so enchanting and sweet...thank you for sharing this sweet little one..pureness, love and beauty shining through!
    Thanks for sharing your magical world!

  7. hello Melanie,
    yes, i love bambi too
    today i saw a baby owl, an owlet, such a sweet Spring week!

    Thank you!
    I use to do Tai chi, need to brush up on it again, i love it too.
    Yoga is not really harder, just different. Each person can go at their own speed. Tai chi took me forever to learn.


    Thank you so much. I love that stormy sky photo too, nature is amazing!

    hello Veronica,
    thank you for enjoying this drawing and for loving yoga, i feel it is so good for us!

    how fun that you love Montana
    This land is like that
    once you fall in love it is forever
    and there are so many of us that feel like that
    i am not from here, but i fell in love, for sure
    there was a very clear voice in my heart, like a mantra "i love Montana"
    and that is why I moved here.
    so fun that you got Montana for your report!


    I took your advice and the painting is now shared 'upside down' so fun, thank you!

    lovely Victoria,
    Thank you for enjoying!
    Fun also that you are yoga kindred!
    Yes, such a divine creature the wee fawn!

    sweet Sunday to you all!

  8. Hello TAMMIE!
    Great picture.
    The Gathering Storm is full of charm. I love forests, meadows, mountains ...
    Greetings from Polish far.

  9. Ha Tammie,prachtig deze jonge man in yoga stand,mooie kleuren.Paarse rotsen prachtig.Zwaar weer gelukkig staat je huisje er nog.Mooi zo,n klein beestje zo dicht bij lieff!!
    Prachtige natuur en mooie blauwe lucht.
    Liefs een groetje Christiene.

    Ha Tammie, this beautiful young man in yoga position, beautiful rocks kleuren.Paarse prachtig.Zwaar happy again your house there nog.Mooi so, a small creature so close to lieff!
    Beautiful scenery and beautiful blue sky.
    A lovingly greet you Christiene.

  10. Tammie, that fawn!!!
    i have never ever seen such beauty in real
    and than your sweet drawing
    it made me smile ;^)))
    i love yoga and am, like you, still a beginner
    my 'drawing' a bit like yours ;^))

    thank you!
    Patrice A.

  11. This drawing made me smile! So much fun and it reminds me that I really should try starting yoga, it may be good for me… love the purple in your drawing, it is really a calming color. And such beautiful pictures! I wish I lived there in that people nature….

  12. Hi Tammie,
    What a good idea to think about Yoga.
    and a stand "upside down" (not easy) I like your drawing, and I like when you turn it (upside down), I get the feeling that you can have a one big rock up and smile, though, the world is upside down.
    What a beautiful animal around your house! incredible,
    Here where I live, also there are many storms and lightning, rain and strong wind. and on different opportunities rays destroyed computer, and televisions, and a couple of years ago, the wind toppled 12 trees around my house.
    Have a nice week!!!!

  13. Yoga and still smiling?? Fantastic. Upside down she also looks happy on her big purple rock. A fawn in your garden? That must be a big garden. Lucky you!!

  14. your drawing turned the other way round is so surprising! your actually holding onto a purple cloud there. a delight! n♥

  15. i don't know what i like most about this post as i love your drawing, adore the fawn and enjoy the look after the rain is gone... your drawing takes me back to a time when i was a child and used to stand on my head regularly. i did it with such ease and now i wonder if i could still do it and keep my balance, lol... how i wish i could have seen that fawn up close as you did. i know it was the best sighting you've had so far. glad the rain didn't hurt more than your modem and the tree. hope all is well. have a great day~

  16. I ADORE HER!!! I think she is so adorable, omg so much fun.

  17. Enjoyed exploring your blog and love your style :)

  18. Woha, what a mood when thunderstorm is leaving...do you know I'm totally afraid of thunderstorms? So Yoga might probably the best for me to calm down in such situations...and the Bambi makes me smile, too. :-) Wonderful upside down post!

  19. Super Tammie! yoga is a great correlation with up side down...a healthy and rejuvenating one :) I love it...and what a treat that fawn in your yard! so precious :)

  20. Hi Tammie! I like the picture upsidedown better because it looks like the character is riding a cloud. A big purple magical cloud in the sky. Well, actually maybe later the cloud will gently flip and become a shapeshifted rock to set him/her down gently in a perfect yoga pose. I have only just started to do yoga and am doing only two poses which I do daily and plan to do for quite some time until I get them right and build the muscle underneath to build up an ability to add a pose or two as I continue. I love the feeling of it.
    I am amazed about the fawn. So precious it is.
    Have a storm-free week! *smiles* Norma

  21. I love your upside down drawing with the cloud on top. Lucy in the sky with...:)

  22. Tammie I love the upside down yoga illustration very much and I guess it doesn't matter which way you hold it up both ways look great and make me smile. ManonX

  23. Gosh what a wonderfully smile-making post, Tammie! Purple mountains' majesty, remember the song, is true here!

  24. Gosh Tammie, I'm glad this giant tree didn't hit your house! At the weekend in some parts of germany (not mine for good luck) some mean thunderstorms destroyed a lot incl. trees damaging houses and more!
    But back to your drawing it looks perfect both ways and I wonder which way you drew it?
    And this little fawn is so cute and fragile, wow! Hope it found her mother.
    xo. barbara bee

  25. Gosh Tammie, I'm glad this giant tree didn't hit your house! At the weekend in some parts of germany (not mine for good luck) some mean thunderstorms destroyed a lot incl. trees damaging houses and more!
    But back to your drawing it looks perfect both ways and I wonder which way you drew it?
    And this little fawn is so cute and fragile, wow! Hope it found her mother.
    xo. barbara bee

  26. Wow Tammie, so much exciting things are going on! As you know I love your yoga painting and it seems has so much perspectives ;) but I have to say I am in love with the lil fawn..how cute it is :) 2 days off of internet?! Bad news :) seems it is fixed now...the storm photo looks very impressive! ♥ Conny
    Piaroms Art Journaling

  27. Oh my, such an awful storm and lightening! Poor tree, yes! And that was scary close to your cabin!!

    How fun and lovely drawing! And I love the colors! The art is good when you can turn it upside down and vice versa. The rock is beautiful! And the deer also.

  28. We have such dreadful thunderstorms around here, I understand the effects. The fawn is so sweet. You're lucky to see it so close up.


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