Jun 3, 2014

Tall Thin Man with Owl for Friend


an evening sketch
and watercolor

for sale in my shop:

I so enjoy evening sketching!
hello art friends, 
i have just decided to take a Compassion Course
have you ever heard of non-violent communication?
I had the fortune to enjoy two days with Marshal Rosenberg 
and learn about this form of communicating

i was so impressed
by how simply conflicts can be resolved
needs have a chance of being met
empathy brings us present 
it made me consider, more than any other path
how peace on earth could possibly manifest

you can see two samples of the course

it is a 52 week course
one lesson a week
perhaps you would enjoy it too

sweet week to you!


  1. This owl is so devote, that she (or he) comes to the human in the middle of the day (sunshine). This owl is looking full of love and questions to the human. Yes: more compassion, more empathy, more appreation is necessary!!!

  2. The sketch is wonderful! The sun is a star and The green spots add so much to the simple scene of a man and owl.

    The course looks like a good one. I love when online courses such as this one are made affordable so everyone can join.

  3. Ha Tammie, een mooie jonge man met uil.
    een prachtige avond schets.
    Tammie veel succes op de cursus.
    liefs een groetje Christiene
    uit een regen achtig Nederland.

    Tammie ha, a beautiful young man with owl.
    a wonderful evening sketch.
    Tammie much success on the course.
    a lovingly greet you Christiene
    from a rain-like Netherlands.

  4. Love how the owl is looking up at him. That sounds like a beautiful course that quite a few people would need to do ....

  5. This made me smile...I love your owl.

  6. The sketch is so lovely!I like to imagine about what the owl is thinking with its innocent eyes, looking up the man...pretty!
    Have a happy day.

  7. What a wonderful sketch! I love his long legs and the owl beside him. And the compassion course looks wonderful.
    Looking forward to having you play along with the SOC and see you Monday ;0 xo

  8. What gorgeous souls they are..a divine pair..enchantment and wisdom united! So powerful and charming!!
    Oh so lovely..enjoy your course..!
    Shine on!


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