Nov 4, 2019

Feeding Birds

I wanted to draw
picked up a pad
it had her legs, nothing else already sketched on the page
what will those legs become
what are they doing

this is what happened

I don't mean it to be a self portrait
but I am still enjoying feeding the birds!


(photo credit: Abigail)



  1. Beautiful sketch! Free and lovely, you look so pretty with birds befriending you!

  2. how nice, lifting the food to feed the birds. A beautiful picture.
    How the birds are friendly and jump everywhere, sweet!!!!
    greetings Elke

  3. Delightful finish, for "the legs"! -smile-

    And what a gentle person you must be. To have birds be so at ease, around you. Wonderful..


  4. GREAT and WONDER-FUL! The drawing the same like the photo of most lovely Tammie and birds. Thank you for living in the forest with your bird-friends!

  5. Well, I always love your drawings but the photo -- that takes my breath away. How safe they must feel with you; how they must honor and love your care for them. What a gift you give each other.

  6. It's a beautiful sketch Tammie and you look so beautiful in that photo! Enjoy your bird feeding!!! :)

  7. She is having a wonderful time, just like you are, so gentle too :)


  8. So nice to see a photo of you, with a friend! 😊 Very cute Tammie. Happy Autumn to you.🍁🍁


  9. The beautiful birds came
    from near and far.
    A meeting in the grass.
    So sweet.

    A springtime greeting,


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