Oct 1, 2019

InkTober Day 1

opening her heart
the breath of life filled her 
stance of ecstasy was all she knew 


I have been drawing the past few days 
before that ...
it was not that I did not have the desire
that I did not have inspiration
both I have had
I just did not sit down to draw for a very long time

I missed art
and it is happy making 
in a tangible quiet way to do so again

Lovely October to you!


  1. She feels so spiritual, so full of sun-engergy coming into her heart, she feels a big LOVE - - -

    1. Thank you Dori, I am happy to hear that.
      I was hoping to express that.

  2. I'm so very glad you have picked up your drawing tools again. I hope you find spirit, peace, healing and joy in every stroke.

    1. Thank you Jeanie. It really is nurturing in a deep quiet way.

  3. Exquisitely magical! I love everything about this..the lovely words, your gorgeous drawing...there is such poetic-energy in her beauty and nature's surroundings and a very spiritual vibe...so glad you have returned to share your art!
    Happy Autumn my friend, I have missed you!

  4. This is a delightful art - many things here to signal a nice start for today - the sailboat, the tree, the sun, her movement. This reminds me I should start drawing again.

    Happy October to you.

  5. That's a beautiful drawing Tammie :) I'm happy to hear your back to your art, it's so relaxing and wonderful isn't it?

  6. Such a lovely drawing ,Tamie.
    I like those little mushroom families and a boat too!
    Happy Autumn to you!!

  7. She looks very free! I have been missing art too, and decided to participate this year. Welcome back, Tammie and Happy Painting :)


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