Jun 23, 2019

Lovely Summer and Solstice to You!

while awaiting my van being serviced
sitting in the grass and sketching
a tiny leafhopper 
hopped on and we had a wee visit

believe it or not
these two sketches are part of the same piece

Lovly Solstice and Summer to you all!



  1. I love your sketches, especially the duck! :)

  2. its so tiny, kind of cute for a bug :)

  3. These are adventurous greetings, dear Tammie!

    Let's see, what the sun (and the short nights) will bring next days ....

    I burn for waiting to make a solstice-painting, but a lot of time-thieves are on the road!! :)

    Adventurous greetings from the Bavarian Forest from Dori

  4. That leafhopper is cute. Don't know what the duck has to do with girl but I'm sure it will make sense when you're done with the piece.

    Have a lovely summer.

  5. That duckling is the cutest thing ever!

  6. I can't think of a better way to spend the time while awaiting for the van being serviced. Beautiful dancer and the cutest duckling that I have ever seen. I am really intrigued by your sketches!!

    Hope you had a lovely Solstice, Tammie :)


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