Nov 3, 2017

Fungi Sentries

they stood true
her sentries
among the wild weaving weedy seeds
her protectors
fungi who are from the underworld
and the heavens

looking out my windows
the world is white
snow clad forest
like sugar snow pours from the sky
it is no longer 
a colorful autumn world



  1. My new favorite! We still have marigolds blooming and lots of green grass.

  2. I love that drawing Tammie Lee :) And I love your words too. :)

  3. Anonymous11/03/2017

    i love this drawing and words, snow landscape very nic!
    Greetings Elke

  4. we all need a couple of sentries to look out for us Lovely drawing the weedy seeds frame her so nicely. Snow !!!! Still sunny and warm if you find a sheltered spot here.

    1. Yes, we do need sentries.
      Yes, snowing right now.

  5. Really---- SNOW ?? Incredible - - the funghi-princess is also white .....such a sweet drawing-idea!

  6. Ha Tammie
    een prachtige pentekening,deze vrouw met haar beschermers
    De herfst met zijn kleuren is prachtig, maar een sneeuwlandschap
    is als een sprookje.
    Wens je een  mooi weekend !!

    groetjes Christiene

    a beautiful pentecost, this woman with her patrons
    Autumn with its colors is beautiful, but a snowy landscape
    is like a fairy tale.

    Wish you have a nice weekend !!
    greetings christiene


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