May 23, 2017

Sharing Cherries

sharing cherries


this paper is fine for sketching
but when a sketch begs to be painted
well the paper is just not satisfying

It buckled and does not let one play with the paints 
to my satisfaction

thought I had learned that lesson



  1. I like this watercolour. I feel the sun in this painting. The woman has a nice smile! Maybe you had a plan to colour this painting in another way, but for me I can "read" a nice message!

  2. Hi Tammie Lee! :) All of my watercolours buckle sigh...I'm sure it's the paper. But it doesn't take away from the beautiful art! :)

  3. sometimes when I paint on a watercolour paper and it buckles I put it under some heavy books for a few days when its dry and it flattens it beautifully. I've been painting in a moleskin a lot and its only for sketch not meant for paint, that buckles but I love the paper its so nice to paint on. and quite like the affect it has throughtout the book, but occasionally there's one I wish i'd painted on the proper paper :)so I've just treated myself to a watercolour moleskin.. I hope I like using the paper as much.

    this is very lovely. I've been spending a lot of time in the garden lately, with the birds.

  4. Anonymous5/24/2017

    The waves in the paper o yes how well I know and manhcmal I get them out with what heavy put on it!
    It has become a beautiful picture of the cherries sharing with the bird,
    Gorgeous these shades!
    Beautiful evening elke

  5. Ah, yes. A lesson I have toyed with more than once! I do love the drawing and painting, though. It's lovely, even if the paper wasn't quite right.

  6. Such a beautiful painting! And I also love your profile pic.

  7. how sweet! the colors here looks good even if you couldn't really play with them.

    have a lovely day.


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