Apr 4, 2016



upon the lavender rock

residing in the quiet 
the still point within all life

a vital dwelling place

I will host DC (drawing challenge) 
this next weekend
April 9-10

so draw, cook, poem, photos 
whatever you can dream up
then share it with us on your blog

come here and add your link
so that we can come visit your post

theme: Prayer
interpret it as you please
perhaps: meditation or still point


  1. I'm so happy for a new DC! Thank you for hosting Tammie. I'm in. <3

  2. up the meditation way would be my path, i'll try. okay. n♥

  3. Pray - it causes miracles

    (found by Thistle Cove Farm)

    So wonderful! The lord loves all his creatures, and they pray to Him in their language, and He is near all in LOVE and SHELTER.

    Thank you, Tammie! This dog reminds me of my old dog and of all these dear animals, who are not forgotten under the sky.

  4. sweet little floppy eared creature. love the clouds floating by.

  5. Someday I'm going to do one of these -- maybe even this one if I can interpret prayer by the weekend! Meanwhile, your interpretation is splendid.

  6. In our town is a lonely cat in a very lonely room - this drawing shows me: the cat is in contact with some helping angel(s).... Thank you for this energy you give here, Tammie!

  7. In a world filled with the internet and gizmos to keep our minds occupied, it is vital to "reside in the quiet" as you say. And like you pointed out, that can come in many forms.

    You asked if there are bears where I live. Probably somewhere in the State, but thankfully, there aren't any where I go hiking. Where you live seems to have more nature and animals!

  8. Dear Tammie, this little bunny includes all creatures under and in the sky. Art is art, when the viewer has some free space to stroll around, to dream about (said once my dear father). Love and greetings!

  9. Beautifully peaceful. This makes me feel very centered. And the colors are magical!

  10. Tammie,
    zo mooi als het konijntje het innerlijke gebed
    verbeeld ,een mooi teken en schilderwerkje
    liefs groetjes Christiene.

    as beautiful as the bunny's inner prayer
    imagine, a nice draw and paint drawing
    Lovingly greetings Christiene

  11. Another very gentle drawing. Soft colours are so peaceful and your poem is lovely. We all need to spend some quiet time out of this busy world.

  12. Hi Tammie..how beautiful and peaceful is the soul dwelling in this gorgeous being...I can feel sacred vibes from your art! Both ethereal and celestial..soft-earthty and angelic energies!! I love your theme..haven't done a dc challenge in ages! Wonderful that you are hosting!This is a very meditative piece..love it!!
    Hugs..missing you and wishing you a beautiful Spring..hope you enjoy all the magic of the season.

  13. I have an idea! Count me IN. I might be a tad late; we'll see, but I'll let you know when it's posted. N,x


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