Apr 11, 2016

Mythical Being

a friendly land
of mythical beings
perhaps a bit enchanted
by stars, sun
and candlelight


this weekend i went away
to the wilderness of Polebridge
returned home to more wild
a great gray owl flew through
and landed:

 such an honor to see


  1. Ha Tammie,een mooie wezentje een betovering in sprookjesland
    alles in het teken van het licht,prachtig!!
    lieve groet

    Tammie Ha, a beautiful creature a spell in wonderland
    all under the sign of light, gorgeous !!
    with kind regards

  2. It would be great to live in a land where all beings were always friendly and enchanting. Your owl photo is absolutely spectacular, I would so love to see one of them in real! Hugs, Valerie

  3. Such a cute drawing and the owl is magnificent.

  4. It IS an honor to see an owl, isn't it? I have never ceased to be amazed by their strength and beauty.

  5. Your drawing is so sweet...and that owl! Magnificent! It looks like an old soul.

  6. Bonjour chère amie,

    Ton dessin est magnifique... J'aime les petites bougies qui scintillent dans le décor...

    et ce bel hibou qui pourrait être un bon copain à mon ami Léo le toucan !

    Gros bisous

  7. Ha Tammie,
    een prachtige uil, mijn favoriete vogel
    ook de foto is prachtig!!!
    Groetjes Christiene.

    Ha Tammie,
    beautiful owl, my favorite bird
    Also the picture is gorgeous !!!
    Greetings Christiene.

  8. HI,Tammie
    Beautiful owl. I am glad you gave long hair to your mythical friend! I like it.

  9. Beautiful images !!

  10. It#s always an honour to see your amazing drawings and views and secret animals in nature and art!

  11. Oh, to see this owl, how marvellous that must have been.
    Your friendly mythical being lives in a wonderful world of stars and candles.

    1. thank you Sheila,
      yes, marvelous to see the owl. every once in a while i look out hoping to see it there again.
      I remember last year seeing an owl there and it jumped to the ground and then into the water splashing about and flew off. I guess it had a bath. wow!

  12. I wish to see a star tree. How wondrous that would be. I'd climb and sit upon one of those mushroom shelves, happy as a clam to be among the stars. Beautiful, lush hair on your mythical creature. And wow, the owl! Very impressive indeed.

    1. hello Bella,
      your children must have so much fun with you.
      thank you for inspiring a smile!

  13. thank you ALL so much for your kind and fun responses!


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