Feb 10, 2016

Face 10 for 29 Faces

her name is Violet
light speaks to her
because she listens

it tells her
mesmerizing tales

to see faces by others



  1. Very nice Tammy! I Like seeing her fingers through the ball of light. Also like the paper's texture as it can be seen so nicely through her shirt. She is one of my favorites that you've painted.

  2. Beautiful piece, love that light speaks to her. Hugs, Valerie

  3. Tammie she is really beautiful.

  4. That texture of the papar (canvas) is so cool, it brings your beautiful watercolors into life!

  5. And YOU tell mesmerizing tales with your art! She's lovely.

  6. Anonymous2/11/2016

    I read about Your profile that You write poetry (so Me, too) but poems are so much touch with language that I think I can't read Your poems. I'll try, I tell You how it succeed.

    Your paintings are poems, too. They tell so much and I understand their language - my way.
    Thank You Your beautiful art :-)


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