Feb 28, 2016

Face 27 of 29

 a few years ago, my dear friend Abigail and I got together to do art
this piece started then and was finished today

we took heavy paper and put some sort of heavy paste on it and pressed burlap and bubble wrap into it for fun and texture

carved words and sketched a loose face with a stick
after it dried i believe we put a wash of dark ink or paint that would go into the grooves, i chose purple

 then played with oil pastels
feels good to complete it

I had to photograph it outside
(leaning against a grinding stone, surrounded by a wasp nest, piece of bird egg, colorful Montana Rocks)
did not want the oil pastels on the scanner



  1. This is a beautiful portrait that I could look at and study all day. The colors and patterned textures remind me of a tapestry.
    And photographing the painting the way you did works perfectly with continuing the story.

    1. thank you Juana
      fun that you enjoyed the second photo
      when i sat the painting there i was amazed at how the colors all worked
      i did not move a thing

  2. She looks very happy outside amongst the natural things. She seems like she is at home! Wonderful textures. It does feel good to finish a piece, doesn't it?

    1. yes, i think the painting should stay right there, perhaps i will put it back and watch it weather....
      yes, i love completing pieces. I try to do that every time, but when things have to dry before the next step, well time can get away from me, or the creative energy can as well.

  3. Oil pastels on scanner...indeed so not!

    This has such a rich and interesting texture!

  4. This is fabulous, Tammie, and something quite different for you I think?
    I like seeing it against the natural objects, it brings it into real life, do you know what I mean?
    In fact oil pastels clean off quite easily from my glass scanner surface, I've done it many, many times. I just use a soft duster.

    1. hello Sheila,

      yes this is different for me. i use to do many different mediums and the past year i find myself reaching for watercolors a lot. my poor art supplies, sitting unused ;-)

      I liked seeing it against that collection of things, it is just off my porch steps and there was a little light there, so there i placed it for the photo.

      nice to know about cleaning the oil pastels. I have gotten so many things on my scanner over the years ;-0

  5. Very beautiful and very different. I really appreciate your sharing your technique and I agree with Sheila about seeing it with the natural objects. Quite stunning. I hope you do this technique again -- I may try it sometime, too!

    1. thank you Jeanie. I also enjoy learning how people make things.

  6. I like all the textures and the somewhat muted colors.

    t must be nice to collaborate on a piece, not sure I would be able to as I'm very picky. does this face looks like either one of you or it's just a face?

    hope you have a lovely day.

    1. hi Lissa,

      we each did our own piece
      we just got together and did the same techniques

      funny you should ask
      it was my birthday when we got together, so we were looking at an old photo of me that Abigail had taken
      I don't think that either of our pieces look like me though
      i didn't even pencil sketch it first, I simply took a pencil and used it as a stick and outlined a face, eye etc so mistakes were left as is

      wishing you a lovely day too

  7. Nice! It reminds me of fabric artwork. You are so talented.

  8. I REALLY like this Tammie . Wonderful sketch and love the effects you added.

  9. I love all your faces, but wow, this one is really different! Love, love, love the heavy textures, and the way her eyes glisten is absolutely wonderful!


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