Aug 21, 2015

DC: tiny

a tiny home
amongst vibrant life
by last weeks painting:

It was fun to pick up needles and thread

when i did
two sentries appeared
to hold the tiny world in their embrace:

the back:

within the forests embrace
wild love beauty and grace

It is my pleasure to host this weeks DC 
with the prompt: tiny

please visit my artful friends
to see how they were inspired:


  1. may I jump in, please?
    x Stefanie

  2. i do have to smile... this morning, as i took the train into a next town to walk around a bit, i stitched a loose seam on my jacket sleeve back together. now, i'm no embroiderer, i'm not even that good at mending, but i did have a thread and needle in hand today, and i repaired. on the train! fancy the coincidence. hahahah...
    your tiny scene looks alot better than my wonky seam. nice of the sentries to come and join you! this reminds me of my late auntie's handiwork. she was good at it, like you are here, after an own scene, no less! your poem so very well suited. wonderful. n♥
    i'm in full prep for DC!

  3. both are adorable.

  4. oh tammie, this is absolutely wonderful!


  5. Wonderful painting and embroidery! Hugs, Valerie


  6. embroidery and painting both are gorgeous!

  7. Love your tiny embroidery Tammie :)
    That is something I can't do anymore with my eyes :)
    And thank you for hosting this DC, it was much
    fun making it :))

    Have a beautiful weekend!

  8. so fabulous! a masterpiece!
    thank you for hosting, x Stefanie

  9. Tammie Ha, what a great idea you painter drawing
    in a special way with the needle thread
    so different but wonderful !!
    Wish you lots of fun with brush and pencil needle and thread !!!
    wish you a nice weekend.
    Greetings Christene.

    Ha Tammie, wat een leuk idee je schilderwerkje
    op een bijzondere manier met naald het draad
    zo anders maar wel prachtig!!
    Wens je veel plezier met penseel potlood en naald en draad!!!
    wens je een fijn weekend.
    Groetjes Christene.

  10. Oh my goodness Tammie, that's beautiful! I love the vibrant silky threads you used. Wow, I never thought of stitching a painting, but that's a wonderful idea. Thank you so much for hosting dearest. I love our DC so much. Such a great push to get to work. :D Big hugs.

    1. thank you Veronica.
      the threads are EdMar rayon threads, used often for 3 D stitch work/art.

  11. What beautiful work, stunning, and to last through the years! I have samplers done in the mid 1800's by my great grand mother! Marian
    P's joining late to the team please if I may :-)

  12. What beautiful work, stunning, and to last through the years! I have samplers done in the mid 1800's by my great grand mother! Marian
    P's joining late to the team please if I may :-)

    1. See Tammie? ;) When you're going to delete
      the second one then check the box that you
      really want to do that, otherwise there will be
      some of it remaining :))

    2. hi Möwe, I am not sure what you are referring to?

  13. Two tiny treasures! - eric

  14. We meet in amazing tiny houses - what a spiritual place! Most lovely needlework and watercolour made by princess of the forest!

  15. you did this by hand? how do you even have the patience? it's so gorgeous!

    I've managed to do another drawing with the theme in mind, hopefully it's not too late to join in.

    have a lovely day.

  16. I love your embroidery! I do not get many chances to hand sew but I do love it so. You make me want to pick up a needle and thread. :)

  17. Such tiny stitches, Tammie! So beautiful. I love the idea of the forest embrace.
    Thanks for hosting this fun Drawing Challenge.
    Here's to a marvellous week! xo

  18. Whoaaaaaaaa! That's just AWESOME! So beautiful. It's like a thousand tiny gems got together to recreate your drawing. Love it.

  19. Beautiful tiny and delicate embroidery!
    Thank you for the lovely theme Tammy :)

  20. sweet Tammie
    how i would love to be there in your forest
    walking through those colors to that sweet tiny house
    .... it's a peaceful place, a place i need today
    and thank you for the theme
    i had 'tiny' time but posted mine just now

    Patrice A.

  21. Tammie this delicate art piece will grace the walls of your home I hope. The colours are delicate as are the tiny stitches. Isn't it amazing what a needle and thread can do! Thanks for hosting and choosing such a great theme. *hugs* N, x

  22. Oh my that takes me back to childhood - I loved, loved to sit and stitch with beautiful coloured threads. Delicious!

  23. Hi Tammy your embroidery piece is so darn lovely I like it even more than the original drawing - very very nice. I think you should do more of them.
    Thanks for chosing such a wonderful and inspiring dc theme.
    barbara bee

  24. I agree with Barbara - the embroidery is so amazing , it even surpasses the beautiful drawing! It is so charming, I could stare at those tiny stitches forever...

  25. Oh my gosh, your embroidery is exquisite, it looks as though it came from another age, the colours, the design and the two sentries.
    You've painted such a beautiful enchanted picture and then you've made something quite different by stitching it.
    I'm enormously impressed.

  26. Wow, it's stunning. Such amazing stitching. Jx

  27. oh I love your stitching Tammie! It's very ''you'', delicate, precious....oh my, just lovely. Watch out for that addiction overwhelming you :)


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