Mar 24, 2015

Roads of Montana

Taking Daniel Donaldson's class:

I am watching her lessons on perspective and these two pieces came to life,

they remind me of my home state Montana so much! 


  1. Maravilloso querida amiga!
    Un beso!

  2. Beautiful, travelling... I love the pink road!
    this d.c. I can´t participate, thank you for the invitation and fun to all of you
    x Stefanie

  3. that green is so inviting, follow that road ;) x

  4. Wonderful paintings Tammie Lee!

  5. Oh what a beautiful landscape! Gorgeous paintings! So much fun with workshops.
    Looking forward to more lovely pieces of yours to come :)

  6. So love the colours in that second painting. Both paintings are peaceful and inviting.

  7. The roads give such a fabulous perspective. I like the watercolour soft effect with the straight roads, and the sun shining on the hills in the first.

  8. thank you everyone for enjoying my new little landscapes!
    I so enjoy your messages.

  9. There is something captivating about a road leading somewhere... I love your pieces, Montana is somewhere I would love to visit, I imagine it to be filled with huge landscapes and big skies.

  10. Very beautiful mountains. And there's always something alluring and mysterious about a long, disappearing road. Dreams could be at the end of it. :)


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