Nov 22, 2014

DC: Rara Avis, Rare Bird

for you my kin

care for this 
with your heart
along with the sun earth and rain
later it's seeds will nurture you,
carry you into the future

i think wood elves are common in my woods
but maybe not that common for people to see
so she is my rare bird

i love the idea of a simple, mundane gift
that is full of life and will give and give over the years

as winter settles in here
i find birds hanging from the tree tops eating seeds of the cones
they are part of my inspiration
i think this will also become a rare bird:

this tree was hit by lightning
we are making it into a woodland throne
a place to be, listen and see

slowly it will be carved
and the piece leaning 
might become a table or bench
it will be the only one in my woods
a rare seat

Thank you Eric for being our DC host
and choosing a fun theme: 



  1. Your drawing is charming, Tammie, and I too like the idea of a gift that gives over the years... Love your woodland throne, too...

  2. I like your fairytale drawing and poem. A nice gift for the bird, for now and for later. And it looks if winter has come already. Thanks for joining. - eric

  3. Tammie, your rare birds are magical gifts. Thank you. Wow.... that tree hit by lightening! Love what you're doing with it.
    xo Carole

  4. Your drawing makes me feel the spirit of Christmas, for some reason :-) I love your woodland throne.

  5. i think i'll slip by your country in my new extravagant coat, you'll notice me when i pass. i'll rustle paper leaves... or i might pause a little, near that throne... ;))) n♥

    1. yes, bring your extravagant coat, you will need it this time of year

  6. So beautiful Tammie. I love the idea of a throne in the woods made out of a tree. Your drawing is so serene.

    Have a peaceful week. xo

  7. Wonderful rara avis! Thanks!

  8. I love visiting your blog. I love your artful expressions, your compassionate words ... and this time ... I'm LoViN' that throne!

  9. so fun that you are loving the idea of a woodland thrown. xo

  10. I love both, your drawing and the Poem. Thank you.

  11. Lovely drawing and poem :) and such a cool seat in the woods I love it !

  12. This drawing is full of feeling the softest part of midwinter and transports this feeling to me. I feel the friendliest part of winter-time here!
    This chair is WWWwwwoooWWWW!!!

  13. Another super lovely illustration Tammie. We both chose legends and stories this week. Nice. :D Love how you're making the tree stump into your forest throne.

    1. Hi Veronica,

      A friend of mine began the thrown with a chain saw. He will next use a smaller chainsaw to round corners and the back of the seat. I am not sure what we will do after that. Perhaps some chisel work?

  14. I just left another blog who had participated in this bird invitation... another wonderful interpretation...

  15. thank you Tammie for taking us away into your universe!
    a rare seat... wow, I love it already now!
    x Stefanie

  16. Love the glow of this painting, and the idea behind it ....

  17. How wonderful your woods are and what a beautiful wood elf! I love your painting so!

  18. Ha Tammie, a nice idea, the tree struck by bliksum, to make a seat ..............
    a nice resting place in the woods.
    The drawing is beautiful and the story and the beautiful bird imaged.
    Love a greetings Christiene ................

    Ha Tammie, een mooi idee , de boom door de bliksum getroffen, te maken tot een zetel..............
    een mooie rust plaats in het bos.
    De tekening is prachtig en het verhaal en de vogel mooi in beeld gebracht.
    Liefs een groetjes Christiene................

  19. sweet drawing and words
    but that woodland thrown, wauw....
    i am sure there will be wood elves around
    thanks for this magical post!

  20. I like the humor in your art, it really makes me want to smile when I see one your pieces. your use of colors is inspiring, almost like me, I trend to use lots of bright colors because I find bright colors just makes the piece happy and easier to take in.

    your photography is wonderful too. and your other endeavors, too. I believe you can do almost anything you set out to do. you're quite creative and so active, something I really need to do. I take too long in creating a piece, sometimes it changes the flow of creation.

    I wish you great joy in whatever you create. have a sweet day.


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