Oct 24, 2014

DC: Dress

oh how i love dresses
they have tangible spirit
inspire movement, dance

i am a bit smitten 
with ink drawings too

to color 
or not to color
each time


this painting is reminding me of a time
when i hand washed my cashmere sweaters
and hung them in the woods

perhaps this is where the idea came from:

lovely Patrice is hosting DC this week
she chose the theme: dress
do visit her blog to find others inspired by dress

thank you Patrice!


  1. This drawing is exciting-lovely, Tammie!

    And the prayer-clothes in the forest are strong!

    1. so lovely to think of them as prayer clothes
      exciting-lovely is a wonderful message
      thank you Dori!

  2. Happy dress with the blue birds! And lovely image of the snow in the light!!
    Have a good weekend, Tammie.

    1. ah, you noticed the blue birds
      i love how art touches each person uniquely

  3. such a sweet drawing!!
    i like them both, without and with color
    and that image of your sweaters, ;^)))

    thanks for joining this DC
    and a fine weekend!

    1. thank you Patrice A.!
      thank you for inspiring us with your prompt too!

  4. The dress reminds me of the Disney Cinderella scene, where her feathered friends help get her dressed in the morning.
    A lovely drawing - and painting!

    1. oh, yes, Disney, so right you are
      funny, i wonder if that image was somewhere in my mind

      lovely to have you stop by

  5. Hi Tammie..so gorgeous..I feel the freedom and beauty in your art..the dress is stunning! Me too I love both color and no-color..there is such beauty and power in each! Gorgeous nature pic too..awesome!
    PS: thanks for visiting Reka's site, much appreciation!

    1. hi Victoria,
      it was wonderful to see your photo mated with someone's poetry, just beautiful.
      Thank you for your lovely message. xo

  6. Both versions of your dress are lovely, Tammie. Wouldn't it be fun to twirl in your dress!
    Cashmere hanging in the snow..... xo
    Happy week to you. xo Carole

  7. It looks like a fairy tale, but where is the fairy :) -eric

  8. the tree with your clothes so fantastic picture!
    in this case the colour is important, the dress has to be RED, fairy tale, yes!
    x Stefanie (would love to welcome you in the next d.c.)

    1. for some reason it did have to be red and red is not a favorite color of mine
      though i have learned to love it

  9. Ha Tammie, delightfully fresh let this beautiful dress fluttering in the autumn breeze ..
    beautiful !!
    hard hey black and white or color ....... ......?
    I have also I think black and white is beautiful ....... but also in color is beautiful !!
    Kind regards Christiene.

    Ha Tammie,heerlijk fris laat je dit mooi jurkje wapperen in de herfst wind..
    mooi !!
    moeilijk hé zwart wit....... of kleur......?
    ik heb dat ook dat ik denk zwart wit is mooi.......maar ook in kleur is het mooi!!
    Lieve groetjes Christiene.

  10. this is lovely. the blue birds makes me think of cinderella although I do prefer your pink dress over cinderella's gown. &I like hanging laundry, it always reminds me of simpler days.

    hope you have a sweet day.

  11. lovely and delicate as always- your style :) I love the floating sensation I get when looking at this drawing- and it works either in color or pencil...
    part of the beauty of the computer is you can keep both :)
    The photo of the drying sweaters is awesome !! too

    1. so true and if i do not forget, i do keep both. hoping to make my grandchildren a coloring book when they are old enough.
      thank you ~

  12. Oh, Tammie Lee--we do have SO much in common. Though pants are often more practical, I adore dresses and wear them nearly exclusively. I LOVE dresses. I also adore your watercolor--and the photo of your sweaters hanging among the trees over the snow made me giggle. Heehee. Have a lovely rest of the day, my dear Friend.

  13. well, that's what caught my eye mostly, when first viewing your painting... the flow, the ease, the movement... then i remembered the film in which a dress is sewn from stardust (is it?), when the three fairies help out cinderella. just that. lovely!

  14. What a sweet idea to give a dress to a tree that is being disrobed of its beautiful leafy gown!
    Love the idea of hanging the sweater in the tree...weren't you afraid of "accidents" with the resident birds? ;)

    1. ahhh, i love your message
      adorning the tree as it's leaves fall to the ground
      i could feel this but it never got clear in my consciousness until you told me, thank you

      i did not consider what the birds or squirrels would do with my sweaters, but if i left them out there long enough.... surely they would have become bedding

      so lovely to have you stop by!

      sweet days and nights to you!

  15. thank you so much every one!

  16. I love the photo of you sweaters hanging in the woods….such a perfect inspiration for your dress!

  17. your ''sweaters in the wood'' is an art instillation in itself...wonderful.

  18. Both ideas are lovely - the original hanging of the sweaters amongst the pines to dry, and your delightful red dress with the bluebirds helping it to dry!


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