Oct 7, 2014

Autumn Embrace

wishing you
an autumn embrace
that is perfect
i have been finding mushrooms in trees
i love that!


  1. the mushroom in the tree is funny! your drawing is so nice, too, I like the background colour togehter with the pencil drawing.
    x stefanie

  2. Ha Tammie beautiful this drawing of humans and animals!
    It gives a feeling of warmth.
    Mushrooms in the tree, I have never seen
    very special !!
    For you an autumn greet you

    Ha Tammie ,prachtig deze tekening van mens en dier!
    Het geeft een warmte gevoel.
    Paddestoelen in de boom heb ik nog nooit gezien
    heel bijzonder!!
    Voor jou een herfst groetje

  3. What a striking piece Tammie, she looks so happy and content, truly magical and full of warmth, I love this so much!

  4. such a lovely picture! wishing you all the best for the beautiful autumn season xx

  5. Ooo, Tammie Lee! Your drawing is super! Isn't this the best time of year to stay inside and create? And those mushrooms, fabulous! I think I'll sautée some this weekend or maybe make some cream of mushroom soup!!

    Thank you for visiting today. Wishes for a magical October! Anita

  6. Oh Tammie...all those little lines and squiggles...the patience you must have. And mushrooms in trees...I never knew they would grow there!

    1. hello Lisa,
      in this case the mushroom did not grow on the tree, for the most part they like to grow on dead wood. even on the earth, the ones that grow on wood, often have their begins in rotting wood under the soil. But when i find mushrooms like this in the trees it is a squirrel that is storing it there. The first day you see it fresh like this. But the next day it is shriveled and drying and hard to see.
      Maybe you will be looking up for mushrooms now ;-)

  7. Oh, what a most lovely drawing! I love this soft wilderness!

    Christiene is right: "beautiful this drawing of humans and animals!
    It gives a feeling of warmth."

    Mushrooms in a tree I also never have seen before!

  8. Oh Tammie this is beautiful! I love the detailing too! Have a lovely weekend.
    Jess xx

  9. Oh, Tammie, what a wonder-filled creation!
    May you also have a perfect autumn embrace.
    As for the mushrooms ~ I think the squirrels and such are getting some extra help and inspiration from the Faeries!

  10. thank you all so much!


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