Jan 22, 2014


i followed along with Mark Crilley's
YouTube: how to draw Chilbi L video

it was so interesting how he began with two circles and a few lines

I enjoyed it so much that i had to try again,
in my style:

then i had to do another one:



  1. So cute! I love the girl in the forest, her flowing hair and her tiny smile. Her eyes look vivacious and full of life, too. :)

  2. Now I wait for the eyes in the first two drawings ... :)

  3. cute! I like the third version a lot, I think she's builidng her garden, little by little. I like the spiderweb detail too.

    have a great day.

  4. Anonymous1/23/2014

    It looks like you caught the draw bug and are doing very well.

  5. Your style is unmistakable dear friend, you have done great job!
    A big kiss dear Tammie!

  6. Love them. Still the beauty and sweetness of your style but more grounded (I think that's the word I want to use) Your pieces are usually more ethereal and airy. You've merged it with your work beautifully though.

    I give big kudos to you for trying out something new. I'm still totally stuck. It's frustrating and maybe I just need to make myself pick up a pencil and go for it but days go by and I just don't seem to do it.

    I love coming to see your work though...it gives me that same wonderful feeling that I get when I'm working on my own pieces...well almost the same...lol.

    Thanks Tammie

  7. Very, very cute! Those eyes are adorable!

  8. ~dainty little ones you have created...i think you may have opened a window to a new land to come forth...love them!!! much love light and blessings~

  9. Beautiful..super gorgeous..these are enchanting works...and so fun-spirited! Thanks for shining your magic..very beautiful!!
    Happy wkd to you

  10. ahhhh...your little girl is so cute! I love the little spider web...charming.

  11. These are so cute! You can see each one is just a bit more full of life than the last. The little girl beneath the tree is terrific!


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