Dec 13, 2013

Winter Fairy and DC Challenge

The winter fairy showed up in my painting

and rightly so!

winter has arrived in our neck of the woods
it is here for the season!

I am jointing Tiny Woolf
and other artists for the drawing theme: Garland

I looked around my wee cabin,
found every window cloaked as a garland

totem art

trinkets of beauty
do you see the snowy realm outside of the windows
like marshmallow cream, everywhere!

thank you for being our wonderful host 
Nadine of Tiny Woolf!

to see more snowflakes
visit my photography blog: Spirithelpers 
lovely holidays to you!


  1. Beautiful painting, love the fairy tale feeling! Your cottage looks wonderful, llovely wreaths and views! Your snowflakess photo is amazing!

  2. beautiful! love love the delicate snowflakes!

  3. I love the fairy tip toeing on the mushrooms! Very Magical.

  4. Oh,what a lovely scene on your painting,very beautiful!!!
    And all your christmas decor is like a dream-)
    I wish you for Christmas,,,
    The best thing may exist only,,,
    Health, happiness, satisfaction.
    And that - for all eternity!
    And a Happy New Year 2014!
    I see you the next year again

  5. Yay you winter fairy is so super magical..what a wonderful story coming to life and unfolding through your beautiful magical my friend..stunning piece! Wow..your garland windows are all so uniquely enchanting, inviting, full of delicate beauty and elegance..your home is absolutely magical Tammie..what a special space! Yay, wonderful challenge I haven't played dc with Nadine and the gang in sooo long..what a fun topic! Wonderful
    Hugs kindred

  6. What a happy color-drawing of the mystery winter-night...

    Oh! The snowstars!!!

  7. Hi, Tammie! what a beautiful place where your cabin is
    very inspiring,
    Just looking at the snow out the window and I think my imagination flies thousand fantasies, to paint and draw.
    one garland of snowflakes for your fairy :)

  8. those snowflakes are out of this world! and the sight from your wonderfully clad windows is sooooooooooo marshmallowy (as you put it) gorgeous....

    i also quite fancy the colour combo of the lady's dress. aqua and orange zing!
    thxs for playing, tammie.
    safe travels!

  9. Oh, I love your fairy tale and the window images are awesome:) Leena

  10. Wow, that's a lot of snow! Lovely fairytale-like painting, so sweet ...

  11. you are surrounded by garlands dear Tammie Lee! your cabin looks so snug and cozy,and those snowflakes...pure magic just like the inspiration they brought you, xx

  12. Your winter fairy is adorable! and I just love your cabin and your garlands. So pretty!!

  13. hello tammie,
    snow fairy visits are the best!
    love that you see them too ;)

  14. hello tammie,
    snow fairy visits are the best!
    love that you see them too ;)

  15. Winter is a wonderful season and your fairy is just magical, as is the wonderful scene from your windows, oh so cosy to be inside!
    You live in an enchanting place, truly magical!

  16. Oh how I love your cabin!
    Your colors and imagery in your winter fairy work are working their own magic! So enchanting.

  17. Your home looks just lovely! such a treat to take a little peek :)
    and I love the snow flake photos wow! and you painting is so charming such great colors!!

  18. Snowflake garlands and happy days be yours, Tammie! Merry days, sus

  19. Magical painting dear Tammie... I just adore it... and your photos are gorgeous... garlands and snowy marshmallow... how beautiful...

    Jenny ♥

  20. Ah, the snowfairy. She was here and now I know where she is gone. With all the snow.

  21. The snowfairy is really sweet and the pictures of your garland and window are beautiful, really like the colors! so soft!

  22. those snowflakes! wauw....
    and your sweet cabin looks very compfy
    thank your for the little glimse
    into your world

  23. What a nice smile brought the winter fairy to the face of the lucky lady who met her in the forest!

    Your window garlands are delightful. Your cabin in the woods must be a magical place where beauty and coziness make creativity bloom all year long! :)

  24. Tammie, you have created a moment of pure magic with your brush. As always, I love your art. The idea behind your art. That mushroom. Those snowflakes, lovingly tossed from the hand of ... she of the fairy realm. Beautiful my dear. *smiles* Norma, x

    p.s. your wee cabin in the woods is a spot of loveliness.

  25. The garland in your painting and on your windows are so beautiful. Lovely - and your beautiful snow! I love it!

  26. What a lovely winter fairy, I hope she'll come along here, too, and let snowflakes fall at christmas eve...

  27. I love your "wee" cabin in the big wide wood. I bet you keep it warm and cozy with a toasty fire and lots of cider. Christmas joy to you and yours. The garland is simple and lovely.

  28. no snowy realm outside my window but thanks for sharing yours.

    love the snowflakes photos.

    hope you have a great day.

  29. Ha Tammie , heerlijke winterse sprookjes sfeer heb je gezet
    nu nog weg dromen...zo mooi!!
    Tammie ik wens je een vrolijke kerst
    En een gezond en goed Nieuwjaar,
    Liefs een groetje Christiene

    Ha Tammie, delicious wintry fairy atmosphere have put
    still dreams away ... so beautiful!
    Tammie I wish you a merry Christmas
    And a healthy and good New Year,
    A lovingly greet you Christiene

  30. I adore your winter fae. I also adore your curtains and that incredible view! ((hugs)) Have a lovely magical day.

  31. Awesome painting! And your decoration is wonderful!


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