Dec 19, 2013

Baby Booties

lovely and talented friend Janice

made my grandson Jayce these magically fun booties!!!

I was entirely surprised when they arrived in the mail. 
Had to wait to show you until they were given to Jayce, it's a surprise you know ;-)

complete surprise and joy 
over Jayce's first Christmas present!

she made me a beautiful snowflake
it dances above my desk:

Janice is kindhearted, talented, thoughtful and a beautiful woman. 
Thank you so very much Janice!



  1. Oh, delightful! I especially loved the picture of the gift being opened. LOL Made my day, dear Tammie. ((hugs))

  2. So many beautiful details. :)
    What a thoughtful gift!
    Look at Jayce: he is already so big!

  3. Enchanting! Such lovely pictures, lovely gifts -- wishing all of you all the joy of the season!

  4. Oh wow! These booties are incredible enchanting! I LOVE them! Thank you for sharing!

  5. Anonymous12/20/2013

    Your grandson is so lucky to receive this beautiful handmade booties as his first Christmas gift. See how they are excited to see the gift.

  6. Bonjour chère amie,

    Quelle délicate attention ! Elles sont merveilleuses ces petites chaussures ! Wouahou ! Quel talent !
    Votre petit fils est adorable et va être fier d'avoir d'aussi jolis petits petons ainsi chaussés !

    Je vous souhaite un merveilleux Noël et que ces quelques jours d'hiver soient des temps heureux !

    Gros bisous à vous ♥

  7. You're very welcome, Tammie. So lovely to see the photo of their faces as they opened the box! I can see they all love the bootees. :) I think perhaps Jayce is still just a little too small to wear them, but hope when he grows a bit they will fit him beautifully. So pleased to have given him his first Christmas present!

    Lovely to see your snowflake in its new home too.

    Wishing you and your family a very happy Christmas. x

  8. I love little crocheted booties :) It looks as though these were very well received! The snowflake gift must have been such a wonderful surprise!
    Jess xx

  9. Look the happy faces of the parents! This is Christmas!

  10. beautifully made ..very special! And what a fantastic candid photo..such joy!

    and love the snowflake she made and your gorgeous beautiful Tammie!

  11. Ha Tammie wat lief de papa mama en hun lieve schat.
    Je kunt zien dat ze blij verrast is ze zijn ook super mooi de slofjes.
    Liefs een groetje Christiene.

  12. Ha Tammie what love dad mom and their darling.
    You can see that she is surprised they're also super nice slippers.
    A lovingly greet you Christiene.


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