Oct 4, 2013

DC: Cup

silly fun
this DC offered by Stefanie
is: Cup
there will be a bowl full of ladies
maybe a man or two
celebrating CUP 
on their blogs
you can find them here

but also it is Stefanie's Birthday this weekend!!

Stefanie, for  your birthday
i offer you this cup full of raindrops:
it has been such a wonderful mushroomy
the forest has them every where!
here are a couple more cups for you:

orange peel cup fungus

eye lash cup

bird nest cup
these little 'eggs' get released into the environment when raindrops
land in these tiny cups
the ink
before the color
lovely weekend to one and all


  1. Lovely photos and what a cute little peice of art. I love it.

  2. Very nice all of it!you are just amazing:))

  3. What an interesting drawing! lol And I LOVE your photos of mushrooms. I found some of those bird next cups recently...they are so little and so amazing.

    ((hugs)) Have a GREAT weekend, my Friend!

  4. Did I tell you your artwork made me smile today? Well, you should know that. ((hugs))

  5. oh thank you so much, this is so very kind of you!
    silly fun, I enjoy it with you, this so makes me smile!
    and I am totally impressed by those mushroom cups, this is amazing, a bird nest cup - new for me, I love it!
    x Stefanie

  6. Beautiful photos and I love your cup full of ladies! Valerie

  7. What a charming post. I love the cups ~ all of them!

  8. Your colourful cup full of ladies has given me a broad smile, and an image to tuck away in my mind so that I can think about it and smile again later.
    Your photos of mushroom cups are gorgeous. I have never heard of the nest mushroom, but it does look just like a nest full of eggs. So nice to learn a bit of botany as well as enjoying the art.

  9. Hi, Tammie Lee! What good illustration, I wanted a cup so for my breakfast, Ha Ha :)
    and very good your pictures! I congratulate you!
    Thanks for stopping by my blog.
    do u know what? I could not go to the link "here" I do not know what happens :(((

  10. I love how you have fun with your paintings. :) Great photos, too.

  11. D cup!! I love it - such a fun and whimsical painting - and a beautiful photo as well.
    Thank you too for your sweet comment last week - so sorry it took me so long to get back - I've just returned from out of town ;) have a great weekend, xoxo

  12. D cup!! I love it - such a fun and whimsical painting - and a beautiful photo as well.
    Thank you too for your sweet comment last week - so sorry it took me so long to get back - I've just returned from out of town ;) have a great weekend, xoxo

  13. Hi Tammie. Silly fun in a cup.....just what the doctor ordered for us! Love the colours you used.
    Have a great week!

  14. great idea, beautiful painting! I'm there - my legs are on the left side ;-)! have a nice sunday, dear tammie!

  15. Nice cup and beautiful photos!
    Greetings, Sonnja

  16. Wow, a cup full of beauties...what a nice idea !
    But also I love all your photos about this different mushrooms...so great....♥Kerstin

  17. Hi Tammie, a really playfull and funny approach to the theme, I guess these beautiful ladies have a lot of fun in their cup. And as always I'm amazed of these wonderful and totally different mushrooms you have over there. Incredible!
    P.S. I enjoyed it so much, that you enjoyed the weird/awesome quote so much ; )

  18. I love your cup full of girls, really, so much fun!

  19. I love your cup Tammie! Delightful!
    And I have never seen anything quite like the bird's nest mushroom. How strange!

  20. what amazing orange peel cup fungus!

  21. So lovely and whimsical Tammy! I imagine you must live in a magical forest :)

  22. Just amazing variety of mushroom cups, Tammie. I think your group of fairies is having a relaxing time together in that stardust hot tub cup!

  23. hi tammie, what a funny ladiespartycup! i really adore your forestcups full of raindrops!
    have a nice week, dania

  24. What a fun post! Super photos. The cup full of ladies is adorable. Another fun illustration :)

  25. such a happy playfull post!
    a lady-cup-party ;^))
    and those nature-images
    just beautiful

    Patrice A.

  26. HOW much fun is this cup (of ladies) I ask? Answer: A LOT of fun! The stars are the best. They are the bringers and dispersers of magic. Just so fabulous is this idea dear TammieLee. The other photos are of this earth and how lucky are we to have these treasures. Thank you for showing us and introducing us to these delights. N, xo

  27. interesting mushroom cups too! those little 'eggs' being released with raindrops... that is magic!
    i like the thought of a cup party..; "all together now"... ;)))

  28. ha great,thanks for remembering us of silly fun,the best way to keep stress at a distance.
    your photos are more than gorgeous dear Tammie Lee, it's a wonderful world down there, xx

  29. Wow..how gorgeous..a cupful of pure magic.so beautifully done..whimsical and enchanting! I love all the photos..so amazing..nature is so magical and you have captured these precious gems so wonderfully!

  30. Haha, I'll go and join the ladies now! Splash! ;o)
    And after that, on my way home, I'll keep my eyes open for magical natural cups on the ground...

  31. I think you should send this to Clytie for Guest Heart Thursday... (grin)

  32. Lovely painting, so imaginative and sweet! Amazing photos!


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