Sep 25, 2013

Pink Polka Dots

a long long time ago
sent me this piece of muslin that she had prepared for painting 
by painting with ivory acrylic paint and then sanding

i finally used it!
it was a joy to create on!

Thank you Lynne



  1. So pretty! I believe she is making a wish!

    Love the polka dots - they always catch my eye!

    Have a fun day.

  2. OH! Tammy...........AWESOME! She is my favourite even though I do love all your drawings I do love her!! In answer to your Q in your comment on my blog... Yes it is a handmade paper in a book I purchased when I was away on my fun weekend with Jenny, Jen, Wendy and Lynne at Ocean Grove Australia. Thank you for visiting my blog!

  3. Wow!! This turned out sooo well! She is just so cute and peaceful with her happy little smiling face. Truly gorgeous. Painting on muslin is so fun :)

  4. Anonymous9/26/2013

    Very beautiful dreaming girl.
    You have got fine piece of muslin. Did You know that the girl was sleeping on it ;-)

  5. What a sweet creation on that lovely piece of muslin! The face is so soft, gentle and peaceful. I swear. I heard her whisper, "slow down … "

  6. I love how nicely and uniformly the colors went on the fabric and how well they blend together in her serene and relaxed face. I agree with Clare. Pink PD is one of my favorite pieces in your 29 Faces collection, too. :)

  7. Anonymous9/26/2013

    awh, sweet!
    really, really sweet!

  8. Such a beautiful and serene face. Love it!

  9. Such a sweet and pretty face Tammie...she looks like she is praying. Lynne is such a sweetie.

    I browsed through all your posts from lately...everything is so feminine and beautiful.

  10. She is sweet and beautiful! Love the color and texture! <3

  11. So sweet! Truly sweet! :)

  12. what a serene sweet face. it's wonderful.

    hope your day is sweet.


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