Sep 12, 2013

Little Pen sketches

tiny faces
sketched with a pen



I was here:

Montana sure is beautiful as Autumn begins to color the days
and crisp starry nights
(tiny light fleck in the sky is the moon)


  1. I haven't been here for a while Tammie, your header! There's a free spirit in that lovely face.

    Happy Thursday, G

  2. completely loverly...

  3. Ha Tammie mooi gezichtjes komen uit jou pen met sterretjes en sproetjes.
    Je Foto zo mooi de herfst de strak blauwe lucht en de maan prachtig.
    Liefs een groetje Christiene.

    Ha Tammie beautiful faces come from you pen with stars and freckles.
    Your photos so beautiful autumn blue sky and the moon beautiful.
    Love a Christiene greet you.

  4. that top face reminds me of Milla Jovovich from the Resident Evil movies. the one in the lower right corner reminds me of another actress but her name eludes me right now. i really love Montana from all the pictures i've seen from there. wish i could visit one day. hope all is well. have a great night~

  5. Your faces are so cute! I especially love the top one :) oh, i am now happily following your blog :)

  6. Hello kindred, I have missed visiting you and your creative realm..such gorgeous drawings..I love the cross-hatching on her the whimsical soulful faces..such beauty! Wow..a very stunning image..breathtaking...such beautiful scenery!
    PS: Wishing you a most magical Summer's end..and a blissful Autumn ahead!

  7. Dear Tammie
    your faces are so cute,love all !!!
    And this Photo,,,,,wonderful place!!!
    Wish you a great weekend

  8. Love you tiny faces. I love how work (or *play*) the lines ~ they're wonderful expressions!

    And the landscape … ::sigh::


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