Aug 18, 2013

To Color This or Not....

she adores spying mushrooms
fruiting from the forest floor


as an ink drawing i am happy at this point
but now
do i color it
or leave it as it is?



  1. Well, of course I would love color, myself. BUT - I appreciate a good pen and ink drawing too. Tough decision! What does SHE say??
    Mushroom season is in full swing here.
    xxoo, sus

  2. Love your cute mushrooms! Yes, tough decision! :)

  3. Love this drawing. You can make a copy of it and collour that one ;)
    Liefs, Melanie

  4. i guess both options sound quite wonderful. i, for instance, really like what you've done with your header; colour works really fine there!
    LOVE the girl's hair too...

  5. Ha Tammie,ik vind je pen-tekening prachtig...
    Maar paddestoelen vragen om kleur...
    of je maakt een zelfde in kleur.
    Ik ben benieuwd welke keus je gaat maken.
    Liefs een zonne groetje Christiene.

    Ha Tammie, I think you're beautiful pen drawing ...
    But mushrooms require color ...
    or you make the same color.
    Bem I wonder what choice you will make.
    Love a sun greet you Christiene.

  6. Tammie, I love your new painted header, she's so lovely. Makes me want a green felt hat and a new hair do. Mushrooms, mushrooms! Fungi are one of my favorite things to discover, to draw and to paint. Aren't they amusing little plants?!

  7. PS. Paint the mushrooms and leave the girl in pen and ink is my 2 cents worth.

  8. hi Sus,
    fun to think of asking her what she would like. I do that with eyes and hair on a regular basis.

    Melanie, great idea to make a copy and color it!

    thank you n♥

    yes, mushrooms can be so colorful. most of these were from photos i took and they are colorful!


    such a fun idea, thank you
    for some reason it makes me smile

    thank you for enjoying the header too
    it is a piece from a couple years ago
    i felt it was time for a change


  9. Love your painting, I hope you decide to color it.

  10. Thanks for the lovely visit and the encouragement for my new etsy shop ~ I'm enjoying myself:)
    I love your woodland mushroom gatherer- I too would love to see some color added.
    I really love your header. Such fun to visit and see all the pieces I've missed on FB!
    Hugs and smiles

  11. I agree with Jeri, paint the mushrooms and leave the girl in pen and ink. Beautiful illustration.

    Thank you so much for your kind words for Tinker.

  12. Lovely the way it is, but you make such wonderful colour choices and combinations, so I say, "Colour it!"

  13. Print it out on watercolour paper and colour it in. That way you have two .... You can never have too much of a good thing ;-)

  14. what a lovely selection of mushrooms! would look great all multicoloured in different coloured inks! though also stands well without colour- not sure it needs it!


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