Jul 5, 2013

DC: Gossamer

in her dreams
the veil was open
she spoke with angels 

as the nights went on
her days became ethereal
and even her skin
radiated like gossamer silk

Thank you for joining in for our Drawing Challenge this week. 
participants will be sharing on their blogs
something inspired by the word:

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My friend Annie found a hummingbird nest in her tree!
mamma hummer made the nest of lichen and gossamer spider webs
it is SO tiny

and look, two eggs

i read that they are made with gossamer spider webs
so that the web can stretch larger as the babies grow

now that is some smart engineering!
I hope you all enjoy a wonderful weekend
perhaps sprinkled with gossamer dreams


  1. I've never seen a hummingbird not in motion. These photos are amazing. How cool is it that the inside of the nest is made out of the soft webbing and the outside is camouflaged...nature always amazes me when I take the time to look at it close up.

    Your painting and words are beautiful as usual. Your blog always makes me think of tranquility.

  2. Gorgeous painting, Tammie. What a beautiful nest! It is so interesting to learn how different birds create their nests. I've only ever seen a robin's or bluejay's nest, so it was quite interesting to see a hummingbird's.

  3. Oh Tammie... she is radiant... gorgeous and so serene... and love the hummingbird...

    Jenny ♥

  4. Sorry I could not come up with a drawing Tammie. Maybe by next week. It would be too wonderful to have a hummingbird nest in one's garden. I do hope she manages to raise both chicks. Do give us an update now and then.

  5. Your drawing is fantastic!
    And the pictures are a celebration of life ... I love!
    A kiss, dear friend.

  6. Wow, that nest is a work of art! I love all of the patterns and the colours! How exciting to have a hummingbird nest in one's own backyard. Last year I saw a hummingbird in my yard for a few seconds and I was ecstatic! I could just imagine how crazy I would act if I had a hummingbird nest with two eggs in my yard!!!

    Your gossamer girl matches your poetic words. I really like her eyes and the light that is reflected in them!

    Are you going to continue the drawing challenge next week? This week I am trying to finish art that I have already started, so I didn't want to start a new challenge, but next week I should be done, so I would love to participate then!

    Great idea, Tammie!

  7. I checked out the people who are linking to this challenge. It looks like only two have submitted art/photos for this. When is the due date?

  8. Ahhh your beautiful fairy is shining from the inside out...and I can see some sparkeling on her skin :) but the cosy nest with the eggs in it touches my heart....loove it! ♥ Conny

  9. hello and thank you for your sweet visits everyone!

    DC is hosted by a group of artists, they seem to each take turns with a new word or words each week. i volunteered to host this week with my word. the artists will each post some time this weekend. sometimes some one posts late, during the week. there are less people with all the summer activities going on. so next week someone else will host with a new theme. i don't even know who it will be yet. i find the participants to share interesting things, not always drawings. most participants seem to be in Europe, so i posted Friday being the host. lovely weekend to you.

  10. Dear Tammie,
    I am right back from my short vacation. Have posted a little something about gossamer... please add me to your list :)
    Sweet drawing... and your words. Very inspiring!
    Thank you for beeing our hostess this weekend!

    x Ariane.

  11. gossamer? good word. sweet drawing.

    have a great day.

  12. Lovely painting and lovely photos! Hummingbirds are very rare here in England (if they live here at all... I'm not sure!) so your friend is very lucky to have one nesting in her garden!

  13. beautiful drawing and the narrative is wonderful.
    That little hummingbird is so sweet what an amazing nest with its lichen skin. Clever little thing.

    Helen :)

  14. Tammie,
    Lindo tu dibujo y el nido para que decir la naturaleza siempre nos enceña su con su sabiduría.


  15. Another beautiful drawing, and the photos of teh hummingbird and here nest are so nice. I have never seen a hummingbird in real life. We don't have them in the Netherlands. And the nest is se pretty and clever. Have a nice day.
    Liefs, Melanie
    In dutch hummingbird is kolibrie;)

  16. Hi T. was a pleasure to draw and think of something from your proposal.
    thanks for your comment, you have also done a good job. Wonderful photos of the bird and the nest! Today I learned something new, thanks Tammie!:))))

  17. Hello kindred..wow..she is spectacular..beautiful eyes and essence shining through..stunning energy..really delicate and magical presence!How lovely to have a drawing challenge..such fun..yay! Oh my...stunning photos of the hummingbird..that is really special..thanks or sharing such magic...amazing!! so powerful to witness...wow!!
    Hugs and happy summer to you

  18. What a lovely Bird, so cute !

  19. Looks like the sweet little hummingbird family has a new gardian watching out for them in your wonderful drawing. She's as elegant as the words you write. You have such a beautiful way of looking at the world, Tammie. <3

    That is so cool that they use spider webs to create their nests. Such a smart mama. I saw a humming bird up close only once. I was at work when one, very hungry, red throated humming bird flew in from somewhere and perched right on the bouquet I was making. I actually stoped breathing that day. lol... Hope you had a wonderful July 4th. <3

  20. Hi Tammie, thanks for the challenge! I like where you took it with this painting and story. The hummer nest is amazing!

  21. Lovely: both the painting and the photos. I love birds <333

    Take care,

    Johanna, Sweden

  22. Dear Tammie, I finally made my dc post, it's like you said: summer yells to leave the flat, go out and have fun, so posting is a little less important now. But your theme was a pleasure anyway, I liked it right from the start! Your painting is sweet and delicate, her eyes are so kind!
    I've never seen a hummingbird in reality and to see it in his nest now is amazing! Look, how pretty it's made, it seems to be very cozy! Please let us know about the offspring!


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