Apr 25, 2013

California Oak

acorn nymph

I love Oak Trees:

foggy California day

please excuse the smudges from my scanner
now to figure out how to get paint off of it ;-(

sometimes if feels like my birthday comes 20 times a year ;-)
a package came in the mail from far far away

Remei a dear blog friend
sent me a surprise gift she made!

two beautiful notebooks
and a sweet card.
i will think of her every time i use them
sending her a smile from my heart!
enjoy a visit to Remei's Blog:
Nuevos Caminos 


  1. Good evening sweet Tammie Lee! I love to be welcomed by your smiling art. You should have seen me trying to watercolour today...NOT GOOD! I am better at scribbling ideas with words, and even that requires a lot!

    Isn't that Gene Kelley video fab? He is my all-time favorite and with Robert Palmer's song, you can't go wrong...have a lovely Friday! Anita

  2. hello Anita!
    we all have different gifts and ways of expressing ourselves!

    thank you for enjoying my art and also for that fabulous video on your blog post! I have already shared it with 3 people.

    Lovely Friday to you~

  3. hi tammie lee, I love the way you draw eyes, just gorgeous.... thanks for stopping by my blog

    ps love that you live in a cabin in the woods, gorgeous!!!!

  4. I love her green eyes. She has a little twinkle and a crooked grin revealing she maybe up to something!

    What a beautiful full oak tree! Any day now, I hope to see some leaves poking through their buds, here in Alberta!

  5. The oak girl looks so sweet. And the picture of the oaktree is so beautyful. They don't look anithing of the dutch oaktres. Hope you have a nice weekend.
    Liefs, Melanie

  6. Wow...bewildering beauty..how I love this gentle face, and the colors you chose are exquisite..powerful Tammie!! I love the oak leaves..so pretty..the shading and curves and lines are fantastic..and this whole piece, the vibe of it..the color palette feels like from another era..time..vintage-y..don't know what exactly it is..but i love that!

    and LOVE the oak tree photo..my fave tree ever too..so many different kinds of oaks..so wonderful to see this one..how magnificent! Thanks for sharing it..and your beautiful art..it always touches my soul!

    yay..such wonderful birthday treasures to enjoy..magical and gorgeous creations!Enjoy!!
    massive hugs and Blessings to you
    PS; oh wow..sorry for the ramble ha ha

  7. I love the fog and California Oaks, and your oak leaf and acorn drawing is lovely. Maybe I'll see you next in Sunday Sketches?

  8. Lovely Acorn Nymph, beautiful details and very delicate! Wonderful notebooks, lucky you! <3

  9. Isn't nature inspiring! It's almost overwhelming taking a walk in a wood and being surrounded by such grace and beauty...which you well reflect in your drawings and pictures. :)

  10. Anonymous4/26/2013

    I like everything on this post! Even the blog you me to.

    What smudges? I can't see them.

  11. hello everyone,
    thank you so much for your lovely messages. I so enjoy your visits!

    hi Sandy,

    the smudges are on her face, good thing you can't tell ;-)

  12. Very fresh colors!

    It feels like Spring!:)

  13. Anonymous4/26/2013

    You're a lovely person ... a smile filled my face and my soul right now ...
    Thanks friend, see your work mixed with the books is for me a great joy ...

    The nymph of the acorn is magical .. gives a lot of peace, only to watch ...
    Tammie, a big hug!

  14. Your nymph is so sweet, and that picture of the oak tree is amazing! Such a wonderful gift you received too!

  15. süsses Eichenbaummädchen :) Du glückliche, die Notebooks sehen wirklich klasse aus :) ♥ Conny

  16. Your art is just so refreshing.. I love your style and soft tones.. Her sweet face just makes me happy..

    What a thoughtful and beautiful gift you received..

    Thank you so much for coming over and leaving such kind words about Fleur.
    Wishing you a wonderful week.

  17. Hello Tammie!

    Very nice post!!! <333

    Yes, it's lovely to see a bit more of the world! So glad that I living today so it's possible!! :D !

    Where have you traveled :D?

    Johanna, Sweden

  18. Awwwwwwww, I LOVE her. I love her quirky little smile. It's like she is sharing an inside joke with me, hehehehe. And your mailbox has been producing so many beautiful things lately! Lucky you!

  19. Beautiful lady, I love Oak trees too! xxx

  20. Oh she is beautiful. green as spring can be! I love her green eyes! :)

    and a lovely Californian oak tree!

    A nice present you got also! :)

  21. your shading is awesome :)

  22. I'm looking down a number of posts I've missed and reveling in your drawing. Your acorn nymph is so beautiful she touches deep into my soul.

  23. I love oak trees too. I LOVE your paintings as well. That sweet acorn nymph just fill my eyes. She has such a droll sweetness about her face and in her expression.

    I've always thought of oak trees--especially the very old ones--as wonderfully warm old men.

    I often hug oak trees when I come upon them. Hahahaa...people think I'm nuts.

    (grin) ((hugs))


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