Nov 13, 2012

Medicine Man

spirit of a medicine man
with feathers he did dance
he pranced
for he knew he was a wonderfully unique
the sort that brought magic to all he did meet
a treasure for any who he may greet

I have been putting original art 
in my Etsy shop
let him be your lucky charm 


  1. I love random creatures like this. :) They always have a special energy to them.

  2. Oh Tammie... he is wonderful... there is something very magical about him... love his expression...

    Jenny ♥

  3. Love the detail and colors of this, he is indeed * a wonderfully unique creature *! :)

  4. Love him, love the colours, the pose, the dots, love love love!!

  5. Hello Tammie :) !!!

    Love visit you blog, it's always a lovely suprise waiting here for me :) <3

    Yeah, work was quite hard, but I will live ;)

    I wish I had the same patience that my mom have, but she used to say to me it comes with age ;)

    Thanks, happy you like the photos!

    Take care,

  6. Oh, he's adorable! love him!

  7. he stands proud! Love the burning sun.....

  8. Anonymous11/14/2012

    I love this little blue medicine man. Can you believe I am reading the Blue Jay Shaman by Lisa McClendon. It is a Montana book, too. The story is about a dancing medicine man.

  9. Sandy,
    that is an amazing synchronicity! So fun! Let me know if you think the book is wonderful to read. Maybe i will give it a go too.

  10. What an interesting fellow! I wanted to thank you for your kindness--your sweet words, thoughts and prayers.

    I haven't been able to be online much as far as blogging--but I wanted you to know how precious you are to me. I love your faeries, by the way--they are special--there's a sense of the artists of old in them.

    Lovely Friend.

    Thank you for your Friendship.

  11. Such a fabulous medicine man! :) wonderful colors and details!

  12. oh wow..he is Fabulous!!! Magical wonderment!! I adore him!


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