Oct 29, 2012

Swinging to Her Own Tune

there's a witch hanging from the moon

sitting on her broom

swinging swaying to her own tune

looking down on the earth

across the universe

she spies a bird in flight

is filled with delight

noting that is

another way to fly

across the sky
walking in the forest
the other day
i looked up to see this
Great Grey Owl
looking into my eyes

Wishing you a wonderful 

As an added treat, Amalia of Pencils and Fireflies
has a wonderful post:

Artist Sketchbooks Show and Tell

I am honored to be one of the artists
treat your self and visit Amalia's beautiful blog!



  1. Une bien belle sorcière... Très jolie peinture.
    Oh quelle chance vous avez eu de pouvoir photographier une chouette.
    gros bisous à vous

  2. WOW I LOVE this picture!!! I really do. Love how she's so slender too- adds a spooky kind of air. I think this is my favourite of your works I have seen so far!

  3. My Goodness!
    The witch makes me smile, as does the both owls.
    maybe the owl in the tree has spotted the witch on the broom saying, "My, MY, yet another way to fly"
    Your art never ceases to make me smile and wonder long after It leaves my stare.

  4. i love these paintings. the soft colors, the witch, moon, owl & swirls!

    the little face on your owl drawing is precious!! and of course the REAL owl photo is amazing!

    have a wonderful holiday! new beginnings!

  5. Anonymous10/29/2012

    Bewitchingly beautiful in an out of this world atmosphere that I can fully embrace. Those that can shine brightness into the darkness are precious ornaments on the christmas tree of life. Those who know white magic create new constellations in the night sky. Here's whooting to ya as you fly through the heavens of your own creation.

  6. Your witch hanging from the moon is fabulous Tammie... and love your flying owl... and the real one... it is magnificent...

    Jenny ♥

  7. Oh Tammie, Splendidly Splendid, :) beautiful words and paintings. I love how your Witch has found 'Another way to Fly', Fabulous. Thanks for the link too I am off to check it out but will visit again soon.

  8. This lovely little witch just made me smile today! I adore the cute little owl you painted in to keep her company on her flight...and then to see an actual owl too! He's beautiful.

    Aww, yay, I will check out the link!

  9. Tammie, she is beautiful.

  10. Lovely witch! I like how you painted the clouds in the sky and the earth. That owl is amazing, those eyes are really piercing. Congrats on being featured on Amalia's blog!

  11. Sweet and charming witch! Such a lovely and imaginative painting! ♥

  12. What a great idea to be swinging from the moon! I love the owl too. I saw your sketchbooks on Amalia's blog, lovely!
    Jess x

  13. Beautiful painting Tammie! This is my favorite Halloween image I've spotted this year. The witch and owl are magnificent, and the earth below them is so mystical and symbolic.

  14. What a pretty witch! I love how slender and graceful all your painted ladies are. Thanks for sharing the link, Tammie. oxox

  15. The owl is probably my favorite creature if I had to choose one. Your witch on a broom looks very princess-like and her owl chasing after her looks to be really in flight. Lots of flow and movement in this one Tammie! And your story to go with was fabulous!

  16. Anonymous10/31/2012

    fabulous - love the close up of her!!

    I always wish for seeing owls, but rarely get the treat. How lucky you are to meet eyes with him.

    Happy Hallowe'en my dear, may your nite be as magical as you ;-)

  17. Oh tammie, such a wonderful painting! absouletly fantastic, I love it! :)

    the earth and the trees in a circle, the owl and the lady on the witch broom, the moon!! sooo incredible! =)

  18. and you are lucky you met the beautiful owl, such a lovely photo you have got of it, without it flied away! Magic! =)


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