Oct 20, 2012

Marta's Sketch Book

our realm of blogging
on line classes
we meet people
whom we have never met
in person
yet become part of our hearts 

one day i received this gorgeous journal in the mail
from my dear friend Marta
she is a magical artist
and woman of heart and care

i feel honored to call her my friend

i decided to make this a pen sketch book
no pencil
no paint
no erasing 
for the pens i use are permanant

the above was done with a dip pen

eating at Loula's cafe
trying to note details of a woman across from me
without disturbing her meal and privacy
NOT easy!
this actually looks a bit like her

Diamonds (above)
was done as the sun set... into Stillwater Lake:

I love doing art outside
During summer, mosquitoes get in the way
winter; freezing temps

Swirly (above)
is an imaginary being

being of the branches
and the wee fairy kin
are imaginary friends

Thank you for taking a peak at my sketch book

thank you Marta for such a lovely surprise and gift!



  1. That is totally awesome Tammie. Beautiful sketch book and art inside. How wonderful of your friend Marta to send you this book you will treasure. Thanks for sharing. My new journals for next year are ready. Thanks.

  2. That is a really beautiful sketchbook! It looks like it could be made of dragon skin or something! And the art inside is just as wonderful.

  3. These are beautiful drawings...and the sketch book is lovely and very useful.
    You could add colour at some point if you decide to, but i like the pen work:)

  4. Your talent is really amazing! :)

  5. Hi Tammie, beautiful sketches in a beautiful sketchbook...just magic.. :)

  6. That's true the 'in between' seasons are the perfect time to draw outdoors that is a gorgeous sunset.

  7. that's a beautiful journal Tammie and your pen drawings are amazing, so much detail.

  8. Ooh that book looks so special - wonderful that you're creating your own unique magic inside of it!

  9. hi Gloria,
    yes so wonderful of Marta, thank you!

    Hello Victoria,

    I love what you said, dragon skin, you have begun my day with a gleeful smile.

    we have a blanket of first snow outside and i must go take a photo of it, even though the sun barely lights the day.


    yes, some do have color... colored ink. the pages might not like wet color. but pencil i could use. it is fun and challenging to simply sketch with pen.

    thank you Mijbil

    fun that you find magic here Catherine ~

    hello Karen,
    fun to consider the details. thank you.

    Ms. Write Stuff,

    thank you, yes a special book.


  10. Wow! What an amazing sketchbook full of beautiful pen drawings, what a treasure!

  11. Your sketchbook is really, really amazing. I'm loving the drawing with dots and short lines. :)

  12. Hi Tammy, lovely isn't it meeting so many nice people on line! It often warms my heart too. You made me laugh sketching in the cafe, how did you get away with it :)

  13. what a beautful book! She sounds like a special person to know. Your sketches are fabulous too!

  14. Wow! What a gift! and your sketches are fantastic ~ (A Creative Harbor) ^_^

    thanks for coming by and commenting ^_^

  15. Your sketbook is amazing. You are very talented

  16. that is s stunning gift to receive and the drawings you are doing in it are doing it justice... the paper looks as lovely as that cover... xx

  17. lovely gift and wonderful sketches today!

  18. its a wonderful sketchbook, and i love the expression :)

    happy sunday sketches!

  19. Oh wow! These are terrific illustrations, Tammie. You are right about people we have never met but are dear to us, yet sometimes I find that puzzling! Tsup!

  20. What a pretty book she gave you. Your sketches are all so nice...the first one is very deep...I love them all really! I like to create outside too. There is something so special about it.

  21. You've christened your new book with some wonderful sketches. I love that you didn't use a pencil, eraser, etc. That is the best type of drawings to me:) Great work!

  22. Anonymous10/22/2012

    What a work of art that book is! A perfect place to put your lovely drawings.

  23. what a lovely gift! Your art and photos are soul healing. thanks

    Warm Aloha from Waikiki
    Comfort Spiral

    > < } } ( ° >

    > < } } (°>

  24. Oh so lucky you are and what a kind friend you have! =)
    The book is very attractive and I love the color of it!

    and your fantastic drawings, so fun to take part! Lovely post! :)

  25. and so is your photo, very lovely! =)

    I forgot to say that I love all the details on the faces! :)

  26. Your faces are divine Tammie... I especially love the first one drawn with the dip pen... your journal is stunning... such a gorgeous color too... and oh my gosh... Stillwater Lake takes my breath away... pure magic...

    Jenny ♥

  27. Anonymous10/23/2012

    Oh what a charming surprise - your faces were meant to live inside that journal...being of the branches is my favorite of the day for sure.

    so true that friends we've never met are part of our lives & hearts ...

  28. This journal is a treasure... and even more so with your drawings. It is so great to see the progress you are making as an artist, experimenting and finding your own style. Have a lovely day!

  29. Oh wow, Tammie...what a gorgeous book she gave you. And made ever more lovely by your wonderful sketches.

    I love sitting in cafes and drawing too...even more so when they don't know that you're watching them. *laughs*

    Amazing that you use a dip pen so well, I find those really tricky to use. ^_^

  30. Anonymous10/24/2012

    Its as if emotion and feelings emanate from between the lines, as if the drawings are pulling energies into this world where the design is a conduit to an existence both elsewhere and here combined. Each conscious and intentional stroke or brush or mark then is like a room designed to channel a specific energy or spirit in a flowing feng shui manner.

  31. AWESOME sketches Tammie!!!! AND your new sketch book cover!! wow!! yes, it IS magical!! beautiful!! the perfect place to do your sketches!!

  32. Ooooooh! You send tingles up my spine! These are wonderful! And you are so brave to forge ahead in ink. I am endlessly impressed and inspired by you!

  33. Wow...HUgs..This is now one of my favorites of your posts..the art is so alive..and full of pure energy and pure spirit..! I too love to sketch outside and wherever..such fun! Your pieces are all so wonderfully unique..the swirls and lines and dots are powerful and entrancing! I love using pen and ink...it is a totally awake realm !


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