May 2, 2012

Lady Loves Aqua

i found a pad of hand made paper at a thrift shop
by guess banana paper

the paint made the paper tear....
but i have aqua tape and i began with a patch and was guided to tear bits for added
fun and texture

also used Caran d'A Ache Neopastels
and Neocolor 11 for the first time
Loved them!

face #2 for 29 Faces


  1. However this Lovely was created I adore her! Aqua Lady is gorgeous and I love her green eyebrows. :)

    Wonderful Tammie!!!

    Have a Beautiful Week...

  2. What beautiful hair!!

  3. Gorgeous face, Tammie! I love the texture in her hair. :)

  4. Great idea using the tape. It turned out really good. Love her face.

  5. Love the extra texture!!! Great job!!!

  6. She is beautiful Tammie... I love the texture in her hair... and what a great find with the paper...

    Jenny x

  7. Anonymous5/02/2012

    I love her & the texture of her beautiful aqua hair! She is peaceful, warm...I would call her Aquinnah if I met her... so glad you're participating in this, looking forward to your many faces ;-)

  8. Oh, she's charming! And I sense such compassion in her expression. A little mischief too!

  9. Anonymous5/03/2012

    she makes me smile with her rosey cheeks and her light filled eyes :)

  10. How creative you are! I adore this lovely creature. I like how this turned out. Sometimes our best work comes from unexpected challenges. (Grin)

  11. Lovely! and something quite new to me.. :)

  12. What a happy accident! Her hair came out wonderfully. Love the mixed media look!

  13. ...gentle lady of the lake ~ the healer ~ blue ~ mysteries ~ reflections ~ thankyoU for this share ~ blessings to the next one!...

  14. very beautiful..gentle..pure and special!

  15. That is a very wonderful discovery. See, you figure it out. I would have given up. I am glad you did not.


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