May 29, 2012

Deer and Friend

so interesting
to put art on the computer screen and see it new again
this piece is begging for more time and attention....
still i will share it now

as face #27

I signed up for Natasha May's Cotton Candy Girls class
This piece is from her first lesson, 
the deer is mine,
the girl is very much what Natasha's teaches.

This class might be one of the best priced classes around,
 there are only
TWO more days to sign up.


  1. Oh Tammie... your cotton candy girl is adorable... beautiful and peaceful eyes... and love your little deer too...

    Jenny x

  2. She is wonderful Tammie, and I love that Natasha May has developed her signature style--so happy for her!

  3. I know what you mean. I always find things to fix when I'm looking at a painting on a screen. :) But usually I'm passed it so I leave it as is. You did wonderful! I love the deer at her side. Looks like they are spending meaningful time together. :)

  4. Great cotton candy girl, amazing hair, and such a sweet little dear. I love the sun in this painting too. Is that a ying and yang sign I see in the middle? Beautiful Tammie ,as always

  5. What a very lovely gorgeous drawing and painting! =) The deer so sweet and confident.. Oh, I like it! And I like the girl also! :)
    It's fun to hear that you are in a new class, I should be more clever too :)

    Lovely day to you Tammie! :)

  6. Beauty does flow, it flows uniquly through you art and blog. You are a unique and individual artist. Grettings and thak you from Australia.

  7. thank you all for your lovely and supportive visits and messages!

    Sandra, you are right, yin and yang, but it was not intentional. I love seeing art through my art friends eyes... and hearts. thank you.

  8. Bonitas y artísticas creaciones.


  9. What a dear (no pun intended) painting. I just love this. You are such a talented woman, Tammie. A true natural talent--such a unique way of seeing.

  10. how lovely! great paintings :)

  11. You did wonderfully in Natasha's class! And that deer is too sweet.

  12. you are so prolific...and a course too. It's going to be hectic in your little cabin...

  13. Anonymous6/05/2012

    cute..very innocent and childlike :)

  14. So sweet! Love the sun rose (which is what it is after the sun-rise!)

  15. what sweetness...and how great that you've found another class to pull out more of your beautiful heart expressions!!

  16. ...super concentrated sweetness! ~ blessings to the next creative muse! ~ in this one!... ...xXx... ...Samantha...


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