Sep 10, 2010

IF: Proverb: Celestial ~

live from the heart
exist in the heavens



to enjoy other art for the prompt; proverb


though I am early
come Sunday, visit


I've purchased a wonderful piece of art!
Quite romantic, 
look at their wonderful tails! 

The exquisite art of Beth Niquette:

Treat yourself to a visit at her art blog!

Maybe even join her artful Fat Tuesdays.
You can also bid on her art at Ebay.


  1. ~tammie...the mere simplicty of this drawing is beautiful..she is perfect in everyway...her eyes are quite alluring...charming one she is...warm wishes and brightest blessings~

  2. dear Faerwillow,

    thank you~

  3. Oh, Tammie--I am so honored you would feature my mermaids here on your blog! You say such lovely things, and today--especially today this encourages my heart more than you know. ((hugs))

  4. I also wanted to tell you how much I love your drawings--there is something so pure, so innocent, so lovely about them.

  5. hello Lady Beth,
    Your art is so lovely, inspiring and and full of your heart. It is my pleasure to feature your/my ;-} romantic mermaids!

    Thank you for all your lovely visits, you are supportive in such a lovely way.



  6. She is so lovely. Peaceful and powerful. :)

  7. Anonymous9/10/2010

    :)beautiful..a radiating heart, she is as i imagine you..
    but then she comes from you so that beautiful soul would shine through..

  8. Hello Rose,

    Thank you for your visit with Celestial~

    Green Whisper,

    ah, shucks...
    she is a part of all of us.


  9. Tammie! This is a great piece. I love how your women all seem to be fragile and strong at the same time. they really exude a strong sense of spirituality too. Lovely work.
    Thanks for introducing us to Beth also - I popped over and her art is quite amazing!

    Lucky you to own a piece.


  10. Beautiful work, I love her eyes--they're striking.

  11. hello Julia,

    Thank you for your lovely comment, your visits always touch my heart.
    So glad you visited Beth, her art is magic!

    Hi Creative Chai,
    Thanks for enjoying her eyes, lovely to have you stop by!

  12. Anonymous9/10/2010

    You are just getting better and better!
    Have a great weekend

  13. Thank you Sandy, I do know I am having fun.

  14. Hi Tammie,
    This is a lovely piece ... so delicate and at the same time strong. The proportions are wonderful!
    Beautiful post with stunning work!
    Very best wishes,

  15. You titled your IF drawing very well, she is indeed celestial! you've managed to give her such a serene expression!
    congrats on picking up some lovely romantic art too :-)

  16. Hello Barbara,

    so lovely to hear your thoughts about this piece, it means so much to me!

    Hello Pink GF,

    Thank you for your lovely and supportive comment, this means the world to me!
    wishing you all a lovely weekend.


  17. She is so peaceful...lovely work, Tammie.:)

  18. Heavenly subject, indeed. Love the accompanying proverb. Hope you are enjoying this autumnal weekend!

  19. Hello Tammie! I look at your girl and I think of an English Rose. So delicate, fair and lovely! Beautiful choice of proverb too...


  20. Hello and welcome Mikkamakka,
    lovely to see her through your eyes.

    Thanks for enjoying the proverb. I was working with a poem for her....
    but the poem seemed like it was for a drawing that I have not made yet...
    So I had to make a proverb up instead, thanks for enjoying both!

    Hello Amalia,

    An english rose, I can see this too. Thank you. The proverb came from her spirit~

  21. Beautiful sketch tammie...saw it at Suzi's . Your work is ethereal and makes me so calm, i actaully think I smell wildflowers when I travel to your blog! You are magic!

  22. She is so beautiful, I really love the way you painted the lips :) Her face has such subtelty and innocent beauty. Lovely! And your new piece of art is wonderful :) ~Lauren

  23. Hello Denise,

    your comment is as enchanting as what you say to me. thank you so much~


    thank you for your lovely comment, so lovely to consider my art through your lovely heart.
    and yes, I love the mermaid love!

  24. I love this sketch, her skin color is so subtle and soft, give her a very gentle feeling. Beautiful artwork you bought for yourself.

  25. Her eyes are such a beautiful blue... Wonderful piece for this week's IF.

    (And I always love to see the sketch you started from :))

  26. Tammie!!...I love gorgeous a spirit and such a beautiful heart and soul she embodies..pure magic in her eyes! Wonderful and inspiring beauty!

    Yay,,enjoy your new art you got!

  27. another wonderful woman - calm yet strong. She is lovely. The mermaid is sweet too.

  28. I agree with some of the earlier comments - there is definitely an innocence about her. She's very beautiful.

  29. Hi Tammie. Thank you so much for your kind words @ my blog and my "borboleta". So happy to connect through this amazing Sunday Sketches. It is a real challenge for me but so much fun. You are more than welcome to participate and invite others to participate in my second GIVEAWAY.. Just go to my blog a read the post Enjoy the Ride..Finding Connections..The GIVEAWAY. Along with the Finding Connections Mug a surprise ceramic gift will be sent to the winner!

    I love your sketches, I am also participating in The Sketchbook Project. Like you I love to make many different things....embroidery, crocheting, sewing, collage painting...etc. and of course ceramics.

    As I see you are definitely "Enjoying the Ride"

  30. Tammie,
    Oh she's beautiful. i love her hair and those gorgeous, thoughtful blues!
    really fun art there, I will check out her blog!
    enjoy your day

  31. Anonymous9/13/2010

    Tammie, she is wonderful.
    I am amazed while reading your profile, no wonder you gain so much inspiration to do maintain your art projects.. what a lovely place to live..
    Hugs, Darlene

  32. She is beautiful. Her eyes are stunning! :) Sorry for the delay...have had a lot going on lately....forgive me.

  33. Anonymous9/14/2010

    Your art girl looks so gentle and caringwith such a beautiful face.
    Thanking for coming over and leaving me a lovely message.
    Like the mermaid art you bought also. Romantic in the sea. A dreamy life!

    Loads of love!


  34. Love her! She is so sweet but with depth and intensity. The contrast of her eyes with the softness of the rest of the picture is wonderful. I think you should a large painting of it! Same colors, same everything!

  35. Sweet and delicate, like a doll. Watercolor is difficult to work with, and you are doing great!

  36. hello and thank you all for your lovely supportive comments. you all touch my heart and make sharing my art such a delight.


    This piece as most of mine these days are done with prismacolor pencil- mostly the face and then acrylics for the rest. I do often add glazing medium to the paint which makes it translucent as well as go further, perhaps that is what makes it look like watercolor.

    with warmth,

  37. What a lovely sketch and your colors are so pretty! thank you for all of your kind words on my blog. they are always so appreciated!

  38. Oohh did I miss your art blog, I love what you did with lady Mabon...she is wonderful!!

    Thanks for allowing me to use your photo as a guiding point for my mountain scene, I will show you as soon as I have something on the canvas. All my best to you. Gris


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