Aug 9, 2010

born a princess

a princess to life
embracing pleasures
as well as strife
dignity must reign sublime
open to seraphim

It is so interesting to learn multi media art!
To take a drawing that feels good and to tear the face out and adhere it to wood,
then to mess with it, layer after layer
well it is a bit scary, fun and exciting.
I had no idea where I was going with this, she unfolded day after day
glimpse after glimpse
feeling after feeling.

to enjoy other wonderful art!


  1. Very pretty portraits, I just love faces!!!

  2. yayyyy..she is dazzling beauty Tammie! Your art touches the soul..true art..i love her..and the enchanting prose to go along! thanks for sharing this beuaty!!
    Ps; we are such kindreds in so many ways..I appreciate the creative spirit, artist and soul sister-friend in you!

  3. I love the thoughts you put with your images. It lets one's mind travel along with your thoughts as you created her. Does that make sense... does to me. It is Monday.LOL

  4. Hello Rebecca,

    Faces are quite wonderful, thank you.


    Your response is so lively and wonderful, thank you so much! Yes, I also sense we are kindred spirits. I love that you have begun your art blog!

    Hi Sharon,

    Fun to hear your thoughts about my poetry. I suppose the words really do guide you to look at the art through my heart and eyes.
    Often a poem will arise as I work on a piece and the words guide me each step of the way. So interesting, like a living spirit in the art.

    lovely Monday to you all~

  5. She turned out so wonderfully Tammie! Full of emotion ~ I love to see how your art unfolds every week.

    Glad you didn't miss this week.


  6. hello tammie :)
    it IS exciting isn't it?! the adrenaline that flows when you have no idea if it will work or not and then, the satisfaction when it works :) your multi media portrait looks fabulous!!

  7. This is quite beautiful, Tammie! You did an absolutely fabulous job. I really enjoy seeing the before and after. :) Theresa

  8. Anonymous8/09/2010

    Wow, you are just getting better and better.

  9. I love how she turned out - especially the smudge dripping down from her eye which gives her such soul.

  10. beautiful result & she seems determine but quite held back, I think it's because her eyes looking up and almost at you

  11. OH, these are such wonderful pictures, dear Tammie! I think I could pick out your style anywhere. So very unique.

    You wanted the link to my Ebay account, Here it is!

    I put it on the main page as a link under Bethartworx.

    ((hugs)) Thank you so much for wanting to see--I'm very honored.

  12. She turned out great - so stoic to start but now the knowing smile! Love seeing the process! Thanks!

  13. I really like how she turned out. You seemed to have mastered lips!! :)

  14. love, love, love her! She truly is beautiful.

  15. Fascinating transformation ... to me it looks like every risk paid off. Sure can understand how the process might be nervewracking, though. Am curious: did you have some vision of what you wanted before you began, or did you discover the vision as you worked?

  16. ~tammie...what fun...and on wood...l♥ve it...funny what can come to be when we allow our minds to roam freely without any limitations...reservations...simply create being moved by or spirit...this is beautiful...warm wishes and brightest blessings~

  17. Nice! I love that pencil sketch - there's such a cool elegance about it. It holds great mood and attitude. :)

  18. Sometimes the "not knowing where your going with this" ones are the best ones. :)

  19. Beautiful Tammie. Your sketches are a pleasure to see. i can feel the enjoyment they give you x

  20. Beautiful and lovely portraits !!I really enjoyed them !!Great !!

  21. Anonymous8/15/2010

    Your working process.... me like! And SHE is soo LOVELY!!


  22. I just love how she turned out! I think the best part about starting a project is having an idea, and the piece taking over, so cool!
    I was also just reading your past post about the flower petal cocoon. I just love that!

  23. Hello Tammie! I don't think I've visited this particular blog of yours before. What a joy to discover it! What beautiful creative works. I'm in awe of your talents. Hope you are well, bright one. Much love. xx

  24. Hello Tammie! I see you've been busy exploring? Well, this one has a story to tell... Should we start with "once upon a time in a land of the spirits"? (^___^)

    It is just wonderful! oxx

  25. i really like the raw sketch before she grew.. and her beautiful verse :)

  26. A favorite!! Born to be a princess...aren't we all? and then we get to graduate to Queen...
    hug, hug

  27. your princess
    is beautiful!
    every layer.

  28. I feel breathless with your description.


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